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Moj alphabet   Moj

Moj is the alphabetic representation of the Qatama language. Moj and the Qatama conlang were invented by Carl Buck for use in his conworld, Qatama. It was first created in mid 1999 and has slowly developed to its current form.

Notable features

Moj consonants

Moj consonants

Moj vowels

Moj vowels

Moj numerals

Moj numerals

Moj sample text

Sample text in Moj

Useful phrases in Qatama


Information about Qatama

If you have any questions about Moj, you can contact Carl at: cfbuckjr[at]gmail[dot]com

Writing systems by Carl Buck

Ajan, Ecta, Eshta, Kala, Kenamoya, Kitse, Moj, Naua, Pesato, Uyata, Zhongyinzi

Other constructed scripts for constructed languages

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