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Family words in Hungarian

Words for family members and other relatives in Hungarian.

  Hungarian (magyar)
family család
parent szülő
father apa
mother anya
child gyerek, gyermek
son (boy) fiú
daughter (girl) lány
spouse házastárs
husband férj
wife feleség
siblings testvér
brother fivér (rare) báty (elder) öcs (younger)
sister lánytestvér (rare) nővér (elder) húg (younger)
uncle nagybácsi
uncle's wife ángy
aunt nagynéni
cousin unokatestvér
nephew unokabáty (elder) unokaöcs (younger)
niece unokanovér (elder) unokahúg (younger)
grandparent nagyszülő
grandfather nagyapa, nagypapa
grandmother nagyanya, nagymama
grandchild unoka
great grandparent dédszülő
great grandfather dédapa, dédpapa
great grandmother dédanya, dédmama
great grandchild dédunoka
great-great-grandparent ükszülő
great-great-grandchild szépunoka
great uncle dédnagybácsi
great aunt dédnagynéni
father-in-law após, ipa (archaic)
mother-in-law anyós, napa (archaic)
brother-in-law sógor
sister-in-law sógornő
son-in-law vej
daughter-in-law meny
child's parents-in-law nászszülő
child's father-in-law nász, nászúr
child's mother-in-law nászasszony
ancestors ősök
progeny utód, leszármazott
stepmother mostohaanya
stepchild mostohagyermek
foster father nevelőapa
foster mother nevelőanya
adopted child fogadott gyermek


Fiú means both son and boy, but there's a distinction in the possessive case. Fiúm means my boy (boyfriend), but fiam means my son. However, for girls, there is only one form: lányom means my daughter. My girlfriend should be called by different words.

Siblings and cousins are mostly called with both gender and age difference: "my younger niece" and not just "my niece".

Other cousins are created by adding másod-, harmad-, negyed- (i.e. second, third, fourth) before unokatestvér, unokabáty etc., like these:

List compiled by Láng Attila D

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