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Bats (ბაჱბაჼმოტ)

Bats is a member of the Nakh branch of the Northeast Caucasian languages spoken by about 3,420 people in Georgia, mainly in Zemo-Alvani, a village on the Kakhetia Plain in the Akhmeta district (ახმეტა) in eastern Georgia. There are also some Bats speakers in Tbilisi and other Georgian towns.

Bats, which is also known as Batsi, Batsbi, Batsb, Batsaw and Tsova-Tush, is related to Chechen and Ingush, though is not mutually intelligible with them.

Bats alphabet and pronunciation

Bats alphabet and pronunciation

Download Bats alphabet chart provided by Wolfram Siegel (Word doc, in German)


Information about Bats language and people

Sample text in Bats

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