Rikchik    Rikchik

Rikchik, the creation of Denis Moskowitz, is the logographic writing system of alien creatures who use some of their tentacles to sign their language, which is also known as Rikchik.

Notable features

  • Used to write: Rikchik
  • Direction of writing: left to right in vertical columns.
  • A Rikchik word is made up of four parts: Rikchik word

    - the central Morpheme
    - the left Aspect
    - the upper Relation
    - the right Collector

    The colors are provided for learning purposes and are not generally part of the language.
  • The Morpheme indicates the general meaning of the word.
  • The Aspect indicates a sub-meaning of the word. It looks like a "part of speech" but it isn't, quite.
  • The Name or N aspect is used for names and compound words. In a name, every word in the name takes the N aspect. In a compound word, all the words above the base word take the N aspect.
  • The Relation indicates how this word relates to the word that collects it. It's kind of akin to "part of speech" or "case".
  • The Collector indicates how many previously uncollected words this word collects. If you imagine the rikchik sentence as a tree structure, the collector is the number of branches above this node. Collectors go from 0 to 7, plus the archaic "scholastic" collector.

Rikchik writing system

Rikchik writing system

Sample text in Rikchik

Sample text in Rikchik


All rikchiks are, from birth, without a leader and equal in gifts of doing and potential happiness. They can think and can choose between happiness and sadness. Let them act upon each other in a siblingly manner.
A Rikchik version of article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


More information about the Rikchiks and their language

If you have any questions about Rikchik, you can contact Denis at: denismm@gmail.com

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