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Sarcee (Tsúùt’ínà)

Sarcee is a Northern Athabaskan language spoken near Calgary in Alberta in Canada by about 170 people. The language is also known as Blitze, Sarsi or Tsuut’ina, which is also written Tsuu T’ina, Tsu T’ina or Tsú ùtínà.

The native name, Tsúùt’ínà, is translated as "many people", "nation tribe" or "people among the beavers". The name Sarcee is believed to come from the Blackfoot word saxsii, saxsiiwak or sassewuck, which means "Woody Country Indian", "Bold People" or "Real/True Indian".

Sarcee pronunciation

Sarcee pronunciation


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Sample text

Dū xat’a ‘ats’is‘innat’a tīca magūdillana kats’i ts’ī ts’īkūwa gīna‘ī‘ gūdīnûccī ‘īta‘ tsisdal‘ūwū ‘ạsla dīne mạkgūdīla dīnagilka dīna ts’īkūwa‘ī gīgīkats’ī tsisdal’ūwū‘ ‘assadla.


Information about Sarcee | Numbers in Sarcee


Information about Sarcee

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