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"Ecta" is the alphabetic representation of the Cadim language. Carl Buck invented Ecta and Cadim for use in a fictional nation that is under development.

Notable features

Ecta alphabet

Sounds of Ecta

Ecta sounds

Other sounds (Al otra sedam)

When other sounds are written, they may be specified with the use of a gec.

Ecta sounds

Ecta vowels (Al unalut di ecta)

Ecta vowels

Each vowel has an alternate form used primarily when Ecta is written in the short form.

Ecta vowels

Al nuktam

The nuktam, or points (marks) are diacritics used to mark vowels.

Al nuktam

The nukta are used primarily when the vowel falls within the word and not when the vowel begins or ends the word.

Ecta gecat The gecat, used to mark numbers when placed before (to the left) of the appropriate grapheme.

Ecta gec ala The gec ala, used to alter the phonetic values when placed above the appropriate grapheme.

Ecta gec tahet The gec tahet, used to alter the phonetic values when placed below the appropriate grapheme.

Alphabetic order

Ecta alphabetic order

The ligature alem [a:l] is included in the primary collating sequence because this rounds off the number of base graphemes to 20 for easier memorization.

Ecta numbers

The ecta script in order along with each graphemes' Gematria value.

Ecta numbers

Higher numbers

Ecta higher numbers

Sample texts in Ecta

Sample text in Ecta

Written out in full text, including full vowel forms, using only punctuation.

Sample text in Ecta

Written more stylistically, using nukta, and linking many letters in a pseudo-cursive way.


Kularenat nacum hurua u egal mita uradeya u hakat.

X-Sampa IPA transcription



all-person-PL be-born-3PL free and equal with worth-abstract and right-PL


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
(Part of Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Information about Cadim and Ecta

If you have any questions about Ecta, you can contact Carl at: cfbuckjr[at]gmail[dot]com

Writing systems by Carl Buck

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