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Kenamoya is an abugida invented by Carl Buck to write his conlang, Kala. It is meant primarily to be decorative. A handwritten version is also possible. The word kena means "circle" and moya means "write; spell; letter".

Notable features

Kenamoya consonants

Kenamoya consonants

Kenamoya vowels

Kenamoya vowels

Kenamoya diacritics

Kenamoya diacritics

How to form glyphs

Kenamoya - how to form glyphs

Sample text in Kenamoya

Sample text in Kenamoya


tayetla nihampa tsaniye
noma tamahu - nyasampa
itla kyomiha, ta ke teniko uasampa - na ke RSS tayo sutsepua ma na nya akya noko ke kasepeni maha hika


2SG-DIST.4SG nice-very tell.story-PST
thing good-extreme - thank-much
this be.intereting-AUG 2SG O journal-AG skill-very - 1SG O RSS 2SG.POSS subscribe-PFV CONJ 1SG for awake remain O report-piece-nice more wait


You told that very nicely!
A great thing, thank you very much.
This is very interesting, you are a very skilled journalist – I subscribed to your RSS feed and I remain awake for more awesome articles.

More information about Kala can be found at

Writing systems by Carl Buck

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