Kitse is a simple abugida, stylized to resemble many Brahmic scripts, and invented by Carl Buck. It is used to write the personal conlang Kala. "kitse" means to scribble, scrawl or graffiti in Kala. It was inspired by Ian James' Norstrilian script.

Notable features

  1. Type of writing system: abugida / consonant alphabet
  2. Direction of writing: left to right in horizontal lines
  3. Number of symbols: 14 consonants and one vowel carrier, 6 vowel diacritics and 2 special characters that show labialization and palatalization
  4. The consonants were selected to be slightly featural, meaning that the plosives are similar, as are the nasals, etc.

Kitse consonants

Kitse consonants

The "e" is the inherent vowel in all of the syllables. The last character is the vowel carrier.

Kitse vowels

Kitse vowels

In the vowel chart, the labialization and palatalization symbols are shown on the vowel carriers. They resemble a backwards and a forwards "c" respectively.

Other symbols

Other Kitse symbols

These marks include the nasalization maerk, the de-vowelizer, and a special syllable nke, which is only used to negate certain verbs.

Sample text in Kitse

Sample text in Kitse


te kyopo tayo omok | nya hina noyampe of fear


2sg.poss think-neg | for here happy-LIM


don't think about all those things you fear | just be glad to be here

More information about Kitse can be found at

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