My Videos

These some of the videos I've made to practise using my languages, and for fun.

Double Dutch

A silly conversation in Dutch and English between two robots. I hadn't learnt any Dutch when I made this some of the Dutch phrases on Omniglot and some of the 'useful' phrases .

Languages: Dutch and English, with speech bubbles and English subtitles for the Dutch bits.

Have you heard?

Sometimes when you think you have amazing news you find it doesn't impress people as much as you expect, as one of the characters in the video discovers. This silly little conversation touches on such topics as aliens, space travel and other planets. No elephants appear, not even metaphorical ones.

Languages: English, with subtitles in English and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

I also wrote a song related to this video, and based on the phrase 'the elephant in the room':


A bit of nonsense in German and English which uses some very long German words, like Donauluftkissenfahrzeuggesellschaftskapitän, and which touches on the perennial problem of eel-infestation in hovercrafts, especially those on the Danube.

Languages: German and English, with English and German subtitles and German speech bubbles.

Cómhra na nAmhrán

A silly conversation between a hedgehog and a badger based on Irish song lyrics.


A silly little conversation in Manx Gaelic featuring mention of strange, possibly alien, beings and languages, with subtitles in Manx, English, Irish and Welsh.

Language: Manx, with subtitles in English, Irish, Manx and Welsh.

The Cosmonaut and the Zoo Keeper

A short conversation in Russian between a cosmonaut and a zoo keeper.

Hamish the haggis hunter

A short animation in Scottish Gaelic featuring Hamish and Helen (Seumas & Eilidh). Hamish is from Harris in the Hebrides and hunts haggis as a hobby with his haggis hound Hector (who doesn't appear in this film), and also farms ostriches. Helen is a translator from Beijing who lives in Glasgow and translates between Scottish Gaelic and Chinese.

Language: Scottish Gaelic, with English, Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh subtitles.

Serbian conversations

A couple of short conversations in Serbian.


La bufonería

A bit of buffonery in Spanish. This video uses fairly straightforward phrases in Spanish put in the context of a kind of job interview / careers talk.

Language: Spanish, with subtitles in English and Spanish speech bubbles.

Llongau gofod a selsig

A silly conversation in Welsh featuring a space elevator, a moon base, a secret Welsh spaceship and ostrich sausages. The Welsh place names featured are all made up by me and are mostly based on songs.

Language: Welsh, with subtitles in English and Welsh

Language videos

Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Esperanto, Hebrew (Biblical), Hebrew (Modern), Spanish, My videos (multilingual)


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