Aguacateco (Qa'yol)

Aguacateco is a Mayan language spoken by about 18,000 people in Huehuetenango and Aguacatán in Guatemala. The name Aguacateco comes from the Aguacatán region. The native name of the language is Qa'yol and speakers called themselves Qatanum. Other names for the language include Awakatek, Awakateko, Aguacatec, Aguacateca, Aguateca, Awaketeko, Awaketeco, Aguacatan Maya and Kayol.

Aguacateco alphabet and pronunciation

Aguacateco alphabet and pronunciation


Sample text in Aguacateco (The Lord's Prayer)

Kataj yi atu' tcya'j, wi'nin xanil yi bi'u' Ta'. Sajku' tzone'j wuxtx'otx' tan cawu'n skibaj. Cawunku' tzone'j wuxtx'otx', chi na cawunu' tzi'n tcya'j. Tak' tzaju' kawa' tetz jalu'. Cuye'u' kapaj, chi na kacuy ketz chipaj yi e' mas wunak. Quil ko' stzakpninu' le il, ma na make'u' kawutz tan qui kabene'n tul. Na ilu' ajcaw tibaj cyakil. Nin chin cham nin ilu'. Nin at teru' k'eju' ben k'ej ben sak.

Sample text provided by Michael Peter Füsutumum

Sample video in Aguacateco

Information about Aguacateco | Tower of Babel


Information about Aguacateco

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