The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Tingma nitno apvisay Babel

  1. Lhama ilhnic nat apquilpayvam enlhitaoc lhalhma anco, mepqui moc apquilpayvam.
  2. Apquilyinyovquic nic nat apquilaoclha actiyapmaclha acnim. Apquilvitac nic nat amyip acvisay yoclhilhma Sinar. Apquillanac nic nat tingma.
  3. Apquilpamejitsacpec nic nat nalhit acnim: —Ingva, ongilanac sat yatipjaymacaoc. Ongilvitic sat yatipjaymacaoc— nic nat apquiltomjac. Am nic nat elmac mocjam mataymong yoyam elanac tingma. Apquilmec nic nat yatipjaymacaoc. Am nic nat elmac mocjam yelpa apquilyipitquiscama yatipjaymacaoc. Apquilmec nic nat asfalto ayingmenic ayinyema lhop.
  4. Apquilpamejitsacpec nic nat mocjam: —Ingva, ongilanac tingma apvanyam najan lhama tingma nitno. Onticlhiquiscomoc sat netin (acvaycmo apmaclha Dios). Colhic sat singilaco, yoyam colhejec sat singilhpansa lhalhma anco— nic nat apquiltomjac.
  5. Apvayventac nic nat Dios Apyimtalhnamo yoyam elanojo tingma apvanyam najan tingma nitno enlhit apquillanay.
  6. Intomjac nic nat apvalhoc Dios Apyimtalhnamo: — Acvitac coo actemaclha apquilpasmeyquiclha as enlhitaoc. Acvamlha lhama apquilpayvam. Apquilyiplovcasquic actemaclha aclhanma apquilvalhoc yoyam elanac tingma. Melvatsamquejec sat mataa apquiltomjaclha as enlhitaoc.
  7. Incaymalhquic ongilvayventac sat nipyesicsa enlhitaoc. Ongillhinganimsic sat apquilpayvam. Melyasamquejec sat mataa poc aplhanma— nic nat intomjac apvalhoc.
  8. Apquilhpancasquic nic nat enlhitaoc lhalhma anco Dios Apyimtalhnamo. Apquilvatsamquic nic nat apquillanay tingma apvanyam.
  9. Apquillhinganimcasquic nic nat apquilpayvam enlhitaoc Dios Apyimtalhnamo. Eycaso ayinyemayaclha ilhnic nat apquilhpanma enlhitaoc lhalhma anco. Apquiltimec nic nat tingma apvisay Babel.

Source: Enhlit Bible (ENHL). Paraguayan Bible Society.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Enlhet, or Northern Lengua, is a Mascoian language spoken mainly in Chaco region of Paraguay.

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