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These pages can help you to learn the basics of over 300 different languages, and contains texts in over 600 languages.

Useful foreign phrases

Greetings and small talk

Welcome | Hello | Hello (on the phone) | Good morning | Good afternoon | Good evening | Good night | How are you? | Long time no see | Please | Thank you | Excuse me | Sorry | Yes, No | Maybe | Goodbye | Bon voyage

Getting to know people

Pleased to meet you | What's your name? | Where are you from?

Language difficulties

Do you understand? | I understand | I don't understand | Please say that again | Please speak more slowly | Please write it down | Do you speak English? | Do you speak ...? | Do you speak a language other than [your own]? | Speak to me in ... | How do you say ...? | I don't know

Difficult situations

Go away! | Leave me alone! | Help! | Fire! | Stop! | Call the police!

Special occasions

Merry Christmas | Happy New Year | Happy Easter | Happy Birthday | Congratulations

Other phrases

Good luck | Cheers! | Have a nice day | Have a nice weekend | Bon appetit | How much is this? | Would you like to dance? | Do you come here often? | Where's the toilet? | Get well soon | I miss you | I love you | This gentleman/lady will pay for everything | One language is never enough

Silly phrases

My hovercraft is full of eels | Stop the world, I want to get off! | Say cheese! | Colorless green ideas sleep furiously | I am the king of the chickens | Thingamajig

Multilingual Phrase Finder

The phrase finder enables you to view the useful phrases in any combination of two languages. The phrases are available in over 300 different languages.

Telling the time

Telling the time | Days of the week | Months of the year | Seasons

Weather words | Family words | Terms of endearment | Idioms | Tongue twisters | Proverbs and sayings | Signs | Compass directions | Names of the seven dwarfs | Zodiac signs | Computer parts | Animal sounds

Index by phrase | Index by language | Index by language family

Information about typing accented letters and other characters

Books translated into many different languages

Asterix | Harry Potter | Lord of the Rings | Winnie the Pooh


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