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This page lists significant additions and changes to Omniglot with the most recent at the top. The small changes I make every day are too numerous to include here.

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25th July

New languages: Banjarese, Bukid, Surigaonon and Bilaspuri

New numbers pages: West Flemish, Old English and Banjarese

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Chaise longues and The Most Popular Languages to Learn

New Celtiadur posts: Land and Grass

New Adventure in Etymology: Masks

Improved page: Chakma

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18th July

New writing system: Badlit

New languages: Doteli, Kinabalian and Yawuru

New phrases pages: Silly phrases in Welsh

New numbers pages: Mòcheno and Coptic

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Font Police and Underthrowing

New Celtiadur post: Stony Rocks

New Adventure in Etymology: Parsnips

Improved pages: Eastern Pomo (language) and Alsatian phrases

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11th July

New languages: Nimadi, Mandeali and Shompen

New constructed scripts: Algilez and Compact Phonetic Glyphs

New numbers pages: Proto-Slavic and Old Church Slavonic

New stories: Fabula Om Animal and Alrond we vulpis meja

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Bonnets and Knickknacks

New Celtiadur post: River Mouths

New Adventure in Etymology: Balance

Improved pages: Fur, Tower of Babel in Russian and Mundari

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4th July

New languages: Bambassi, Sawi, Kalkoti, Pangwali and Chambeali

New adapated script: Ayamara Syllabics

New numbers pages: Akhvakh and Neapolitan

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Snoring Fits

New Celtiadur post: Weaving Words

New Adventure in Etymology: Book

27th June

New constructed/adapted scripts: Quechua Syllabics and Tounoji

New languages: Pahari, Thakali, Chhantyal and Danwar

New numbers page: Miyakoan

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Pling! and Snirtle

New Celtiadur posts: Wild Ones of the Woods and Wild

New Adventure in Etymology: Sky

20th June

New languages: Barein, Dangaléat, Kera and Nubi

New numbers pages: Ladin, Friulian, Lahu and Herero

New section: Stories (in various languages)

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, ¡Guácala! and Longhaired Kites

New Celtiadur post: Really True

New Adventure in Etymology: Exclamation!

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Emoticons

13th June

New languages: Istro-Romanian, Desiya and Southeastern Pomo

New phrases page: Loma

New numbers pages: Istro-Romanian and Beja

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Neshness and Flaming Llamas!

New Celtiadur post: Apples

New Adventure in Etymology: Connect

6th June

New languages: Finnish Kalo, Caló, Yoron and Yaeyama

New writing system: Halbi Lipi

New constructed script: Exprish

New phrases page: Kokborok

New numbers page: Ladakhi

New Tower of Babel translations: Romani

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Cow Throwing

New Celtiadur post: Strawberries

New Adventure in Etymology: Paraphernalia

Improved page: Yonaguni

30th May

New writing systems: Sukhothai and Kurukh Banna

New languages: Okinoerabu and Miyakoan

New constructed script: Neuschrift

New song: The Little Green Owl

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Idle blackberrying and Sample Monsters

New Celtiadur post: Blackberries

New Adventure in Etymology: Acme

Improved page: Okinawan

23rd May

New languages: Kikai, Amami and Khortha

New constructed script: Abechedário

New numbers pages: Tuvan and Chulym

New article: Gaelic, and ancient language on Ardnamurchan and Rùm

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Blithely Blithesome

New Celtiadur post: Plums

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Punctuation

New Adventure in Etymology: Enigmatic

Improved pages: Bashkir, Yoruba and Malayalam

16th May

New writing system: Chisoi

New languges: Basaa, Bassari, Dioula and Kurmali

New constructed script: Mele Kākau

New numbers pages: Basaa and Bassa

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Other Worlds

New Celtiadur post: Milk

New Adventure in Etymology: Window

Improved pages: Bassa (language), Bassa Vah (script) Ménik, Hawaiian and Bambara

9th May

New language: Nyah Kur

New constructed/adapated scripts: Hena'haa Nehe, Sa̱tthā'a̱ksɔ́ɔ́n Thaj and Vineal

New numbers pages: Zeelandic, Shetlandic, Luxembourgish and Hunsrik

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Petty Things and Handi 2

New Celtiadur post: Juice

New Adventure in Etymology: Mother

2nd May

New languages: Balanta-Ganja, Balanta-Kentohe, Tawallammat Tamajaq and Tayart Tamajeq

New numbers pages: Tigre and Bemba

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, May Day and Honeyed Words

New Celtiadur post: Nuts

New Adventure in Etymology: Session

New song: Little Lions

25th April

New languages: Akawaio and Iquito

New constructed script: Clickwise

New numbers pages: Ancient Greek, Griko, Pontic Greek and Aromanian

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Roasting the Broom and Milestones

New Celtiadur post: Bread

New Adventure in Etymology: Bread

18th April

New languages: Baure, Limousin and Neyo

New constructed scripts: Hwayih Woen and Yomoal

New numbers pages: Mescalero-Chiricahua, Jicarilla and Western Apache

New article: What is the best way to learn a new language?

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Cups of Comfort and Penny Pouches

New Celtiadur post: Butter

New Adventure in Etymology: Music

11th April

New languages: Mandari, Kullui, Livvi-Karelian and Godié

New constructed script: Batasan

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Fire Towers and Best Countries for Language Learning

New Celtiadur post: Cheese

New Adventure in Etymology: April

Improved page: Livonian phrases

4th April

New languages: Yocoboué Dida, Auvergnat and Nyemba

New numbers page: Tok Pisin

New article: Pre-Celtic elements in the Goidelic languages

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Hoary Hair and Grammarless

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Instant Language

New Celtiadur post: Easter

New Adventure in Etymology: Eggs

28th March

New languages: Thangmi, Iyo'wujwa Chorote and Nivaclé

New constructed script: Hanákana

New numbers pages: Tamasheq

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Jammy Beef and Underdirecting

New Celtiadur post: Hillsides

New Adventure in Etymology videos: Clocks

21st March

New languages: Khalaj and Karamanli Turkish

New constructed scripts: SKRIPT and Farsi Alefbet

New numbers pages: Tamahaq, Wendat and Tuscarora

New time page: Danish

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Timely Tempests and Soul Deer

New Adventure in Etymology videos: Shanty

New Celtiadur post: Bridges

14th March

New languages: Western Yugur, Siberian Tatar and Chulym

New phrases page: Tem

New numbers pages: Oneida and Fang

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Spanish Cows and In the Same Boat

New Celtiadur post: Peaks

New video: Det danske alfabet (The Danish alphabet)

Improved page: Kapingamarangi

7th March

New writing system and language: Tangsa

New languages: Tem and Luchazi

New phrases page: Bamum

New numbers page: Nivkh

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Words

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Standing and Gripping

New Celtiadur page: Water

Improved pages: Kuna, Bamum (syllabary) and Bamum (language)

28th February

New languages: Shenwa, Halbi and Khandeshi

New adapated script: Kitba ġdida

New numbers page: Dhao

New page: Presentations - details of talks I've given at language-related events, with videos and slides.

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Shivery Types

New Celtiadur post: Frosty Ice

Improved pages: Polish numbers, Telugu language and Telugu numbers

21st February

New writing system: Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong

New languages: Siwi and Kiga

New adapated scripts: Palimukhi and Younger Futhorc

New numbers page: Guaraní

New idioms page: Manx

New Tower of Babel translations: Kiga and Europeze

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Big Cheesy Smiles and In Fine Whack

New Celtiadur post: Heavenly Sky

Improved pages: Pāli and Cheyenne phrases

14th February

New languages: Kalderash Romani, Braj, Lovari, Diyari, Bishnupriya Manipuri

New constructed script: Pateq

New adapated script: Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics for Kalaallisut

New numbers page: Kalderash Romani

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Twankling and Sniding Wind

New Celtiadur post: Cloudy Mist

Improved page: Chamorro

7th February

New languages: Tai Phake and Nancowry

New colours page: Nepali

New kinship page: Nepali

New weather words: Bulgarian

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Scribacious Library Mice and Breakfasting

New Celtiadur post: Life and Soul

Improved pages: Nepali numbers, Hausa and Nepali (language)

31st January

New languages: Swabian, Gronings, Aiton and Transylvanian Saxon

New adapated script: Tengwar for Turkish

New numbers pages: Gronings, Swabian and Silesian

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Episde 40 - Spanish (español)

New Omniglot blog posts Language Quiz, Dapper

New Celtiadur post: Seasons

24th January

New languages: Khamti and Meänkieli

New writing system: Odùduwà

New con-script: Salian

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Small Cakes and Bird Talk

New Celtiadur post: Days

New videos: Strangely Rare and Hello Hi Hey

17th January

New writing system: Zoulai

New language: Chamling

New adapated script: Georgian for Swiss German

New numbers pages: Lower Sorbian, Upper Sorbian and Rusyn

New Celtiadur post: Weeks

New Omniglot blog posts: Lanuage Quiz, Strangely Rare

New songs: Hello Hi Hey and Thingamajig

New video: Thingamajig

Improved page: Navajo

10th January

New languages: Rama amd Korku

New constructed script: Maharlikeño

New numbers pages: Hanunó’o, Old Norse, Norn and Proto-Germanic

New About me translation: Hindi

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Suffering Gladly

New video: Suffering Gladly

New Celtiadur post: Months

3rd January

New writing systems: Paleo-Hebrew and Kōchi

New languages: Angika, Kumaoni and Mahasu Pahari

New numbers pages: Even, Livvi-Karelian and Proto-Finnic

New blog posts: Language Quiz and Sōsharudisutansu

New Celtiadur post: Years

New video: Happy New Year

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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