Omniglot in the Media

Every so often Omniglot is mention in the media, and I am interviewed for articles and podcasts. I have also written articles for a few other websites. This page contains links to those media appearances, and articles I've written.

Details of presentations I've given at language-related events such as the Polyglot Gathering and Polyglot Conference, with videos and slides.

If you would like to interview me, please email: my email address

NB: there are other people called Simon Ager out there. I'm Simon Ager the linguist who runs Omniglot.

Interviews and articles

Language Hacking

In February 2024, I did an interview with Joseph Morgan on Twinkl

In June 2023, I was interviewed by Carlos Yerba López for his Hyperpolyglot Activist channel on YouTube:

In June 2022, I did an interview for the Language Hacking Podcast with Benny Lewis.

Pai Language Learning

An interview with me appeared on the Pai Language Learning blog in June 2020.

Talking About Talking: Simon Ager - Founder Omniglot

The Linguist

An interview with me appears in the February/March 2020 edition of The Linguist, the journal of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

My interview in the Linguist

The Intrepid Guide

I contributed some language learning advice to this article (November 2017)


An interview with Gabriel Gelman of Sprachheld about language learning and Omniglot (March 2017)

Mango Languages Podcast

Talking about Omniglot and language learning (June 2016)

Creative Language Learning Podcast

The Secret Languages of Great Britain (April 2016)

Bliu Bliu

Languages Describe the World (August 2014)

Actual Fluency Podcast

Talking about Omniglot and learning minority languages (August 2014)

Learn that Language Now

An interview about my language learning experiences, and about how Omniglot came to be, and where it might go in the future (June 2013)

1 2 speak! blog

Discovering language learning: A COFFEE WITH ... Simon Ager (June 2012)

Jitterbug Fantasia

An interview about me, languages, writing systems, Omniglot, etc (August 2004)

Articles I've written


I sometimes reply to questions on Quora, mainly about Celtic languages:

Cactus Language

Some articles I wrote for the Cactus Language website:


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