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TeachMe! multimedia language learning packages

Each TeachMe! course includes CD-Rom with vocabularly and grammar exercises, a series of graded stories and a talking dictionary. An accompanying booklet contains the text of all the stories, and an audio CD includes the vocabulary and the stories.

A great feature of these courses is the autolearn facility - you choose a level to start at and are then drilled in vocabulary or grammar. When you have mastered one level it moves on to the next. It's almost like having your own personal tutor.

Note: Not all the languages include the book of stories and the audio CD.

TeachMe! courses are currently available for the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Basque, Bavarian, Breton, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Cornish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, French, Finnish, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Manx, Norwegian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Quechua, Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Welsh

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