9 Apps for Studying Language

by Sally Sonderson

The digital revolution has had a huge impact on the education system. It has brought a lot of changes that has transformed the way people learn and perceive information. The iPad and the tablet technologies have been huge contributors to the transformation of the education system. Both the iOS and the Android platforms have supported this idea and have introduced apps in their respective stores that are capable of supporting the learning process.

Languages are always hard to learn especially for the non-native speakers. In light of this, app developer designed applications that are capable of improving the language learning process. Whichever language it is that you want to learn, you can be rest assured that you are likely to find an app that can help you make progress. In this article, we'll highlight ten of the best apps that can be used to help one study language.

1) Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is a 5 star rated application that can help you learn: English, Spanish, Italian, French and Germany. The fact that the app is available for free means that you can use it at your own convenience. That can explain why the application has a one of the largest followings among users. Besides the fact that the app is free, you can also expect to enjoy the fact that the app does not come with any hidden charges and does not provide any advertising room. Whether you are in a group of friends or alone, this application will meet your needs in as far as learning the above languages is concerned.

2) Dictionary.com

With this application, you can use it to as a reference material to look up words when trying to understand their meanings. You can also use it to build on your vocabulary.

3) Homework-desk.com

This is an online assignment help service that is dedicated to helping students with their homework. They have a very strong team of professionals working for them who can help you a lot with the language that you intend to learn or have your assignment submitted in.

4) Memrise

The first time we were introduced to this awesome app was when the application was being used to learn Mandarin and Chinese. A good number of people found it very effected and gave it a five star rating. Today, the app can be used to help in learning: Mandarin, Russian, German and French. The most intriguing aspect about this application is that it uses the planting analogy when it comes to learning. This analogy basically involves the concept of: plant, water and grow. What this really means is that you plant memories in your garden, water them and allow them to grow into long term memories. The imaginative kind of learning that is adapted here is what keeps us intrigued to this tool.

5) Busuu

You can expect to learn the following languages from the 5 stars rated application: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German, Turkish, Russian, Italian, French, Japanese and Polish. In as much as the application is not very popular in the app industry, this tool has been in existence long enough in the web. What the app does for you is that it will allow you to practice speaking a language with native speakers and help you to apply what you have learnt. The app comes with the listening, reading, speaking and writing language skills that will help you take on interactive learning quizzes and exercises and get feedback on the same regularly. With a community of over 35 million native speakers the odds are on your side.

6) Byki

This language learning application adopts a high end technology that is mostly used by some of the leading educational and government institutions to enhance the language learning process.

7) Anki

As a flashcard program whose name is of Japanese origin meaning memorizing, Anki has been in existence for many years. Just as its name suggests, this app pay more attention to the memorization aspects of learning. What the app does is that it will display you words, images, phrases and even play sounds then leave the rest up to you to make a connection and try as much as possible to repeat, interpret and commit the same to your memory. In as much as the app is ideal when it comes to studying languages, it can also be used with equations, diagrams, faces and even names.

8) Babbel

Another comprehensive app that gives you everything you need in as far as language is concerned. The app gives you what you need to speak, write and understand a foreign language. The best thing about the app is that it gives you convenience to learn the language anytime from anywhere.

9) Living Language courses

Here you get to learn to speak and write languages through books, online courses, etutors and through audio.

These programs have been designed to help you understand all the intricacies involved in learning a given language and therefore, it is upon you to make all the efforts and polish on what you really

About the writer

Sally Sonderson supports the idea that self-development could be a kind of sense of life. Thus, even after graduation she does not want to leave the educational field and tries to help others do their best in it.


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