7 Apps for Learning a Foreign Language

by Sagar

Smartphones have become a part of our lifestyle, we are quite dependent on them. From being a personal alarm to a cab caller, they have simply become our companion that fits in our pocket. So, why not to use that advantage to improve and learn something new, like a foreign language. Unlike the conventional method, there will be no tutor and no class room but you can learn your language of choice in a much easier way. You can choose from multiple languages and feel free to learn any of them or all of them. All you need is to download such an application and start your education.

Following are the apps that can help you turn into a multilingual.

1. Duolingo

With utter simplicity and user-friendly interface, this app has just made the easiest way to learn a new language. The courses are created by the native speakers themselves which has given rise to the number of users who love to learn different languages. It has given a platform to the rarest languages like Klingon or Guarani to make its followers. In all, there are 81 courses which cater people with other first languages differently.

2. Hello Talk

This app simply prepares you for a real conversation with a native speaker of the language that you are practicing and learning. If you are looking to learn Spanish and your native language is French then this app will help you find a person who is from Spain and is willing to learn French. You get an option to chat or talk with the other person in which you both can correct each others' messages and that acts as a tutoring session. There are other brilliant features as well that will help you communicate better with your partner like integrated translation system, text-to-voice option, etc.

3. Babbel

Babbel allows you to learn the most useful phrases from about 13 different languages as its free version offers you to attend 40 classes. With the help of pictures, each class strengthens your vocabulary. To build your conversational skills quickly, those words are put in relevant phrases and dialogues. The app pop-ups important grammatical points wherever needed while the desktop version also provides you with short cultural notes. The app also offers assistance to the people who want to improve their language. It also reminds you to complete your session on a daily basis.

4. Mindsnacks

With some mindful games, Mindsnacks enables you to learn seven different languages in lesser time with better hold on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The quick lessons on various concepts are practiced in the games before they are mastered by the user. The more you play, the more you learn. It is an engaging app, that accelerates the probability of learning with its gaming approach. The free version of the app lets you play a limited number of games but if you pay for the unlocked version, you can improve a lot.

5. Busuu

There are 12 languages to feed on but you need to pay a monthly subscription of $17 to unlock most of the course materials and features. With audio support at every stage, it helps you learn all the important words, phrases, questions, and answers that are used in daily life. Presenting the lessons in a situational manner, learning and practicing the language becomes more effective. For a short session, people can also go through its travel course which will help them pull off their foreign trip confidently. You also get to communicate with a native speaker that will enhance your learning process. Also, there are other cool features that will help you learn new languages with fun.

6. Fluent Panda

For the busy people, this app can be a true gem as it is designed for their minimum time and efforts. Teaching with the smallest lessons, this app is a fine way to learn some new expressions and words. You need to attend classes and collect leaves, each leaf provide you with specific element of the language. A certain number of leaves when collected, form a shoot. These are a set of words and expression for a certain task just like ordering a latte in a French cafe. Doing so, you are fostering your virtual panda and his growth is the sign of the development of your language and communication skills.

7. Memrise

Memrise is a perfect place to pick some new words for your vocabulary. The app uses gamification and memes to add a touch of fun to learning of new languages. You can add your own memes to the list which will help you earn points and climb the ladder of Memrise hierarchy of users, i.e., from Membryo to Overload. You can also follow and compete for a better rank with other users.

About the writer

Sagar is a content writer working for Topoccupationaltherapyschool.com, who has also a great interest in learning about new technologies and applications. He has used his knowledge to guide others, how to improve their lives in the least of time they have out of their busy schedule.


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