12 Unexpected Advantages of Learning Foreign Languages

by Heather Clark

1. Increases the speed of studying other skills

When studying a new language, your cognitive abilities will rise. For example, when memorizing words, you will train your memory. In addition, you can learn indirectly and other languages without studying them. You can deal with the general concepts of languages and intuitively understand others (not only phonetically, but also structurally).

2. Enhances your mathematical abilities

Massachusetts University in 2007 conducted a study and concluded: children who study the second language, even when taking into account that they sacrifice the time of learning mathematics, increase their mathematical abilities. If you just think about it, the output suggests itself - learning the language involves your structural and logical processes in the brain, which is the same as mathematics. That is, the math itself will still have to be learned, however, the brain will be more located to it if you are learning other languages.

3. Makes you the best listener and writer

This is a wonderful skill that we need always and everywhere. If you think, you can see in any situation an advantage to listen to a person without interrupting (Carnegie in his book paid the whole chapter's question). When studying a new language, you have no other way out than to listen to a person carefully, try to catch his emphasis and meaning. In addition, you just can't kill a person, because you do not particularly understand the new language. This allows you to develop empathy. And also when you start write in foreigh language you became more accurate and confident, but I know how sometimes it is so hard to write my paper, so I use homework help services.

4. Strengthens your attention

It is almost impossible to learn a new language and I am constantly distracted. In order not just to learn, but also to realize the new rule, understand the offer, you need to remain focused (as well as when studying any new skill). You will understand that the slightest distraction can destroy the successes you have achieved in the last minutes. What will automatically show you the detriment of the included mobile phone and other stimuli?

5. Will increase your confidence

When we put in any goal and achieve it, it inevitably leads to an increase in self-confidence. So the man works. Surely you read the advice of some productive people who wrote that if something does not work with you, do what it turns out - Communicate on the table, wash the dishes, throw away the garbage. Such minor successes instantly launch a chain of success in your head and increase confidence. When we manage to conduct a dialogue for 30 seconds in an unfamiliar language, it gives huge energy, our perception increases at times. It is important that you noted our little successes. If you can not rejoice in the little victories, the brain will not be encouraged and quickly gets up.

6. Prevent potential brain diseases

We are accustomed to thinking that preventing a variety of physical problems - sports lot. The study of the new language can stop the appearance of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by 4.5 years, which is significantly more, which are capable of modern medicines. The bottom line is that multilingual people in the brain create more nervous paths, which in turn allows the brain to not scroll through the same thoughts and patterns (which often becomes the cause of schizophrenia).

7. Improve your native language

Is it worth saying that the study of the second language allows you to look at your native and start noting to notice those things about which before and there were no thoughts? An intuitive understanding of the language is perfect, but it is not a path leading up. Any linguist or writer will tell you that in your native language there are different levels of understanding and that the same artistic text is perceived differently, given your level.

8. Will increase your creativity

Learning a language is like an assembly of all pieces of one puzzle. In one sentence you can know half of the words, and about the second half guesses from the context. Besides, when you talk to the carrier of the language, which is learning, your brain begins to bewilder to get out of the awkward situation, change the design to another, look for synonyms of the word you have forgotten. All this helps to become inventive. When each of us is moving to the wall, amazing things begin to occur.

9. Increase cultural awareness

The bottom line is that the carrier of the new language for you is a direct embodiment of the culture of your country. Viewing a movie with a mass of dialogs will tell you less about the culture of this country than the usual dialogue with its inhabitant. It makes you diverse as a person and avoids many conflicts, because you begin to study other cultures, other psychology, and take the best.

10. Opens new career capabilities

We came to globalization, and then the Internet appeared. According to different statistics, the knowledge of two languages adds you from 10 to 15% of your salary. And with proper use, it can turn your life. If you want to do business, it is extremely important not to close a single door for me - any of them may be a great opportunity. There is nothing worse than the offer of new work with an increase in the salary several times, subject to knowledge of which you do not know.

11. It will allow you to open new faces on travel

This is not a simple journey for you, this is a trip to the country whose language you know. A wonderful feeling when the awkwardness of staying in someone else's country, which you have not felt before, is erased. Yes, you are not like a root inhabitant of this country, but people will be happy to have a deal with you, learning that you first visited this state and you have the right accent. People with a funny accent people cannot perceive adequately, nothing can be done here.

12. Deepen your relationship

If you are lucky (although anyone is looking for) to find the second half in the country, whose language you are studying is extremely important to please the parents. Parents always appreciate the right accent and competent speech of the second half of their Chad, especially when they are first acquainted when the official part is very important.

The next time you will be attended by thoughts on the senselessness of further learning language, remember these advantages. For motivation, it is always important to repeat yourself, why are you doing what you are doing and not limited to one phrase. When you learn the language and at the same time you understand that it develops memory and makes you creative, you kill three hares at once and it becomes warmer on the soul and from somewhere there are forces


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