5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Baby Sign Language

by Jenny Lee

If you’re a parent or going to be one soon, you probably have heard of sign language for babies or “baby sign.” I’m sure your asking yourself is this for real? Why on earth would my baby need to learn sign language? Well I’m here to answer those questions and let you know why it would be in your best interest as well as your babies to teach them how to sign.

1. You will be able to communication with your baby before speech

If you have a baby or toddler you know that they can understand so much more than they can express to us. Sign language is a system of communication using visual gestures and signs. Babies can begin to understand sign as young as 6 month and signing will allow your baby to communicate back to you before they can even talk.

2. Decrease tantrum behavior with your child

Children are usually fussy because they are frustrated that they can’t communicate with you what they want. By giving you baby the gift of being able to communicate with signing, you may see a decrease in tantrum outbursts with your child when they reach about 15 months going into the terrible two’s.

3. May increase your child’s language skills

When you are teaching your baby sign language, you’re going to find yourself repeating the same thing over and over in different ways so your baby will better understand. For example, if you’re talking your child for a walk and you see a dog you might stop say “Anthony! Look at the DOG! Do you see the DOG? That’s a D-O-G, look.” Now adding sign language gives your child another way to identify was it is why are saying to them. They see a dog, they here a dog, and now they can identify a sign for what dog means.

4. Will increase the bond you share with your baby

Signing with your baby is really a fantastic bonding experience you get to share with your baby. When you’re signing with your baby you are down at their level, looking into their eyes, interacting with them by talking and demonstrating the sign to them. All of these interactions help build a bond between you and your baby.

5. Signing with your baby can be FUN!

I know that sounds corny but seriously, what could be more fun than watching your baby learn and develop right before your very eyes! Sign language is a fun and engaging activity for your baby and you’re going to love spending this quality time.

Now that you have some enlightenment about sign language and the benefits it could have for you and your baby I’m sure you’re going to have tons of questions like when should you start signing to your child? Which signs should you start with? How do you teach the signs? These are all great questions so here are some great resources that helped me and can help you.

About the writer

This article was written by Jenny Lee, sign language enthusiast and secretary for We Tint, a Window Tint Las Vegas Company. Jenny is a loving mother of 2 who she raised teaching them sign language. She taught herself sign language as well.


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