The Surprising Benefits of Learning a New Language

by Christina Comben

If you're thinking of learning a second language, you probably have specific goals in mind. Perhaps you want to expand your work opportunities. Maybe you want to pursue a career in a different country or follow a diplomatic path. Or perhaps you just want to speak to your Mexican boyfriend in his own tongue. Whatever your reasons, learning a language comes with many perks. But there are even more advantages than meet the eye.

Did you know, for example, that learning a language can make you happier or keep your mind healthier for longer? Read on to find out more about the surprising benefits of learning a language.

Learning a Language And Mental Health

The London School of Economics found that the key to happiness lies in good mental health. People who enjoy their lives and feel more of a sense of purpose are those who also suffer from less stress and mental illness.

And guess what? Learning a language is good for your mental health! That means that when you start to perfect your verb conjugations and practice rolling your rs, you're directly contributing to improving your personal happiness!

You see, learning a language is like a mental workout for your brain. Each time you hit the books, or listen to a lesson on an app, you're building up the old gray matter and helping to keep your mind in tip-top shape.

So, the next time you learn a new sentence or strike up a conversation with a speaker in a foreign language, remember that you're getting happier because of it.

Languages Improve Your Memory

You've probably heard by now that elephants never forget. The same capability is extended to people who speak various languages. Yes, polyglots and bilinguals have better memories than their monolingual counterparts.

Why is this? Perhaps it's the fact that their minds are pushed to double capacity remembering all those extra words and concepts. Yet, the surprising fact about language and memory is that it isn't only our ability to remember words that improves.

Numerous studies have shown that when you learn a language, you also improve your memory when it comes to other areas as well. Like, for example, remembering phone numbers, other people's birthdays and your anniversary.

Trust me, being able to remember your anniversary is a vital skill to have if you want to keep your partner happy and your relationship healthy as you progress through life!

Having a good memory also helps to keep your brain sharp and active. You'll be able to get more out of life, Sudoku and conversations with the grandchildren! A good memory also means that you'll be able to recall more happy moments from your past. When you have a positive outlook on your life and achievements, studies have show people to be less anxious about the future.

So, if you thought that learning a language was only benefiting your resume or improving your communication skills with foreign language speakers, you were cutting yourself short.

Learning a language has surprising benefits on your health, outlook and even life expectancy.

Languages Give You a Healthy Brain

Learning a language is not only good for your happiness and memory, it actually gives you a healthier brain for longer as well. It's been clinically proven that people who speak two or more languages suffer the symptoms of illnesses like dementia later than people who speak just one language.

By keeping your brain alert and at full capacity, you'll be able to stay mentally healthier for longer and keep mental illness at bay.

Become a Better Multitasker

If you'd like to be able to run a company while working from home, raising children and keeping yourself healthy, add learning a language to your to-do list! People who speak several languages have been proven to multitask better.

This is great news if you want to get out of the office on time, as you'll power through your tasks faster and easier than your coworkers.

Learning a language doesn't only help you organize your verb tenses, you can organize your whole life easier and get more done.

Become More Creative

Learning a language makes you more creative in all areas of your life. So, as your command of the Spanish or French languages improves, so may your ability to paint pictures or make arts and crafts!

Or perhaps you'll come up with new ways to market your business, dress your children for Halloween, or organize your kitchen as your creative genius is unleashed.

So, whatever your personal motivation or goal for learning a language, remember all the added benefits. Beyond getting more opportunities to work, study and communicate, you'll actually be happier, with a better memory and creative spirit! Best of luck!

About the writer

Christina Comben is Content Manager at translation services provider, Day Translations. Qualified to MBA level, and motivated by challenge, change, and continued learning, Christina has lived and worked her way around the world, garnering in-depth knowledge of diverse office industries, from media and entertainment to education, health, and information technology.


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