5 Outstanding Career Options for Language Studies Graduates

by Jake Lester

If you are both an ambitious and an adventurous person who takes a liking to new experiences, being a graduate in language studies could be the key to opening the door to many lifetime opportunities. This is because having skills in foreign languages has never before been a valuable thing to have as it is in the world today.

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Your skills of writing and speaking in a different language are one of the main pieces of the puzzle that could allow you to efficiently thrive in the international market. There are simply many organizations and businesses that value language skills and this article will expound on some of the career paths that you could aspire to pursue.

A Career in Foreign Relations

Most governments around the globe have a tendency to employ people in various areas such as in the field of defense, diplomacy and even trading policies development and their implementation. If you are in the business of looking for a stimulating career that is fast-paced and has loads of opportunities to practice your career in diverse countries, then the Foreign Affairs and Relations is a great sector to start looking for a job in.

The main requirement for jobs in this sector is having an outstanding skill set in the area of communication and also an avid ability to be dynamic and adapt effortlessly to new environments and circumstances. Your language studies degree will come in handy in such a type of job as it revolves around communication and use of different languages.

A Career as a Language Teacher

If you are a language studies graduate, you have an open gateway of pursuing a career in the imparting of your in-depth knowledge of various languages to others. This can be successfully accomplished by taking an interest in the education sector. In this area, you can be in a position to not only practice your knowledge of languages but better still get to master it more when teaching it to others. In addition to that, the teaching sector also tends to form one of the best lucrative career choices around the globe.

You can be a language teacher during normal school sessions but still, find time to incorporate your skills in various informal settings. Some of these settings include being a private tutor for university or high school students. However, it is worth noting that if you would like to also co-currently teach in the formal setup, you could consider obtaining a certification as a qualified teacher.

A Career In a Not For Profit and Non-Government Organization (NGO)

A Not-For-profit organization often times turns out to be a community organization that is of the charitable nature. Most of these organizations are involved in various overseas operations and your role as a Language studies graduate can come into play in these situations of traveling overseas.

Your language skills are indispensable to such organizations especially due to the need of communicating and relaying information to people that don’t speak English. In addition to this, there is a vast array of community organizations within the USA that offer services for various minority groups. You will have a role, especially when interacting with these minority communities directly as a caseworker or a type of aid worker. Your role in these NGOs also extends to being an interpreter.

Your language skills will be heavily relied upon when it comes to communication with members of the diverse minority communities that are in need of assistance to access some of the basic and fundamental services. Your knowledge in various languages could also be of much help when these minority groups require having a voice to speak their minds out to others.

A Career in The Tourism Industry

The tourism sector in most countries around the world is one that’s full of excitement and one of the highly sought after job groups. There are numerous job opportunities that can be fleshed out of the tourism and travel sector of the economy and your language skills can indeed find a variety of different slots that you can competently fill. Some of these job opportunities include the likes of working as a tour guide to a particular travel airline or as a tourism and traveling marketer.

Being fluent in other languages could be one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal that could easily win you a ticket into a job in this sector. This job opportunity comes with many advantages on top of practicing one of your passions. Some of these added benefits include mainly being in a position to travel around the globe as part of your job description.

A Career in Multinational Businesses

By virtue of being a graduate in language studies, you are entitled to being open for selection in a variety of job opportunities even on a multinational platform. In relation to this, it is easy to find big multinational companies having their offices in numerous countries and having the ability to employ millions of people globally.

Being fluent in a second language comes as a big advantage when sharing some operations with people who are based in international offices both within and outside of that particular business. Having good language skills coupled with some management and business skills could even accord you a chance of relocation to another of the company’s many offices. This will not only give you an opportunity for travel, but it will also give you a chance of advancing in your career co-currently.


It’s only normal for you to wonder where the skill set that you’ve acquired in your college studies will be applied in the real world. For language studies, however, the doors of opportunity are wide open and the options of getting a job suitable to your skills are endless.

This article has dived into some of the best job opportunities that you could comfortably thrive in as a graduate in language studies. All the best in your job search!

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