The language learning classroom

Extensive research has been done to show us the best conditions to learn languages. This research has influenced the way the best language schools teach and the way you learn.

Below are some features of how life in a classroom should be. You will see you are expected to put a lot of effort into your learning but you will also see that learning a language can also be a lot of fun and needn't be the frustrating experience many of us may associate with our schooldays!

Remember it is useful and important to speak with the other students in the class not just the teacher! The teacher is also there to guide you; not just to give you a standard model.

Making mistakes is OK, though it does depend on the objective of the activity. If communicating is the main objective, making mistakes is not so important, but mistakes need to be corrected if you want to structure your sentences correctly.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, You do learn from your mistakes!

Submitted by Saint George International, English School in London


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