Learn English in New York City

What could be better than learning English in New York City, the melting pot of the United States? All ethnicities are embraced and celebrated in NYC, but to thrive in America, learning English is essential for success. NYC offers many convenient, affordable and effective English programs for those who call New York home and for those who are simply visiting the Big Apple.

Plan Your Trip

New York City is one of the world's most exciting cities so learning English in NYC is guaranteed to be an adventure. However, if you're originally from a warmer climate and truly hate cold weather, opt for a summer English course instead of a winter option since New York winters can be very harsh.

When flying into NYC, you have thee options: JFK in Queens, which mostly handles international flights; LaGuardia (LGA) also in Queens, which handles mainly domestic flights; and Newark International (EWR) in Newark, NJ, which services both international and domestic flights. Of the three, Newark International is usually less crowded and more updated.

If you need a place to stay while in NYC, check out New York City Hotels for reasonable rates as well as short-term and long-term lodging options in Manhattan and in the other boroughs.

The Pros and Cons

No matter where you plan to learn English, there will be pros and cons for that program and city; however, NYC has been a good choice for thousands of students learning English as a second language. One advantage is the melting pot atmosphere of the Big Apple. There are many nationalities represented in NYC, which creates a thriving, tolerant atmosphere for learning. Also, NYC has been called the city that never sleeps and for good reason. There is so much to do in NYC-from Broadway shows to some of the world's best shopping to great concerts and sporting events. You'll have plenty of opportunities to test your newly-acquired English skills at various social events which occur in NYC every day of the year.

On the downside, living in NYC can be somewhat expensive. While student housing can be affordable, it's not always readily available. In addition, transportation in NYC can be a nightmare for tourists and even locals. Parking is so expensive, that many do not have a car and simply rely on public transportation. And, the weather in NYC is lovely most of the year but the winters can be brutal. So, if you're planning to take classes from October to March, be aware that snow, ice and freezing temperatures are part of every NYC winter.

Mastering English in NYC

Sure, you could learn English most anywhere in the world, but diving into English in one of the most dynamic cities in the world is a unique and rewarding experience. While there are many reputable English programs in New York City, the following three stand out from the rest.

American Language Institute

The American Language Institute (ALI) offers a stellar English language instruction and immersion program.  ALI is located in the heart of NYC, providing access to many cultures of the world. Students at ALI are taught in the classroom and in the real world, immersing them in the English language and integrating them into the American culture. ALI offers different programs to serve various types of students-those who are in undergraduate or graduate programs and need to learn English for academic purposes; those who are continuing their education by mastering English in order to further their professional opportunities; the general public who wishes to learn functional English; foreign consulates and others who are interested in cross-cultural communication; and tourists who spend some time in the United States and wish to learn conversational English.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Pace University is offered at two locations in New York-one is in the heart of lower Manhattan near Chinatown and one is in Westchester which is 40 minutes from NYC. Both campuses offer students the chance to participate in cultural and social events planned by ELI; thus allowing students real-world experiences to practice their English skills on a regular basis. ELI students are also given access to all Pace University facilities, including: libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, sports centers and more.

The New York Language Center

Named the best English School in New York by the readers of "El Diario" in November 2010's  "Best of..." Issue, the New York Language Center helps thousands of students from more than 75 countries learn English every year. For your convenience, English instruction is offered at various locations throughout NYC, including: Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.  In addition, the New York Language Center prides itself on the economical nature of its English courses.

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