Tips to Complement your English Lessons

by Ivana Vitali

There are many things you can do to complement your language lessons, whatever language you are learning. We'll focus on the English language, which characterizes for being easier to learn because of its popularity. Let's have a look at a few things we can do outside the classroom to keep learning.

Listen to music

The most popular music in the world is written in English. Whatever your musical taste is, you are sure to find an English speaking band or musician that suits you. For example, If you are into Old School Rock and Roll, why not pay attention to ACDC lyrics? If you enjoy the current pop or R&B music, how about reading Rihanna's or Justin Bieber lyrics while listening to their music? Trying to figure out the words instead of reading is good exercise too. When taking English classes Washington visitors start paying attention to English music instead of the local bands they used to listen to before.

Watch films

A good idea is getting together with your classmates and watching a movie in English. Have you ever tried doing this without subtitles or dubbings? You will get to a point where you won't even realize that there are no subtitles. This happens because your brain gets used to incorporating the sounds naturally to make them a part of yourself. This is what you should be aiming at. After taking English classes Chicago students meet at one home in order to do this. The main areas that they work by doing this are listening comprehension and vocabulary.

Use social networking wisely!

The truth is that nowadays we spend hours on the computer or using a gadget like a smartphone, iPhone or blackberry to stay connected. There are many things you can do here: try switching the default language to English, or whatever language you want to learn. This will force you to learn, since you will want to do certain things, and in order to do them, you'll learn by trial and mistake, until it gets easy. Another thing you can do is befriend people who speak English, or who are studying just like you. Also, join pages of your interest in English. Can you come up with more ideas like these?


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