Learning French, a pleasant adventure for everyone!

Since the dawn of time has French been considered as the Language of Love - ever since the troubadours' era, who used to sing fin'amor during the XVII and XVIII centuries. At the time, people used to meet in Parisian salons to converse and seduce. Today spoken by 201 million speakers to whom it is the mother tongue according to a 2009 survey led by the World Organisation of Francophonie, French is becoming a must-learn in Europe.

Often perceived as a complex language due to its grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, the French language remains fascinating and popular. Interestingly, it's the Japanese's favourite language. Today mastering French language is essential to communicate abroad or claim a European career. A language study abroad can really help you to achieve your objectives.

The most popular destination for language study abroad is France, whose capital is Paris, the City of Light. Renowned for its "baguette" bread, strong coffee and romanticism, France holds fabulous historical, cultural and linguistic treasures. Have a break sitting on a café terrace watching the passers-by. Paris, Nice, Lyon, Rouen, Biarritz, Montpellier and so many other cities to explore, will give you the feeling of a France full of contrast.

If you're fond of outdoor activities in mountains or by the lake, go to Switzerland, the country with four official languages: French, German, Italian and Rumansch. Rich in diversity, it will absolutely seduce you. Landscapes of mountains and lakes at fingertips within a single country are certainly uncommon. Located right in the centre of Europe, Switzerland also allows travellers to easily reach bordering countries such as France, Germany, Austria or Italy.

Is your dearest wish to commune with nature while learning French? Canada is the perfect destination. With fabulous landscapes and authentic diversity, it offers many opportunities to revitalise within natural and benevolent environments. Montreal and Quebec will amaze you with their green valleys, mysterious mountains and deep oceans. You'll feel like you're in another dimension, where there are no limits.

If dream islands, fine sand, crystalline water and fruity cocktails are more your cup of tea, find paradise on Earth in Guadeloupe. While learning French on a sunny beach, you'll meet lots of interesting and friendly people and you'll be hosted in highly convivial residents. Don't be surprised if your language study takes an exotic flavour.

If you want to be able to converse with people in over 43 countries, live the experience of a total immersion language stay in a foreign country! After your French language courses, you'll be able to speak clearly and have an informal conversation with other French-speakers. You'll be thankful that you've attended those fun language courses.

As for French language schools, you'll feel somewhat nostalgic to leave them. Indeed, offering language courses tailored to your needs, focused particularly on the oral practice, they will provide you with dynamic courses held by competent teachers. Encouraged and inspired, you'll regain confidence in your practice of the French language and you'll find it easier to express yourself. Furthermore, the preparation to official exams is an option to consider. Indeed, obtaining a certificate is a serious tool for your future, because it is a proof of your language level and has worldwide recognition.

Thinking about destinations and French courses isn't all. You should define the type of accommodation that would suit you too. Staying at a host family for total immersion, or on your own in a studio or apartment, allowing you to receive family and friends, or even booking a hotel room to enjoy absolute comfort and total independence - all you'll have to do is make your choice!

Finally, note that ESL - Language study abroad, a Swiss agency specialised in the organisation of language courses abroad, has been involved in the research of varied French-speaking destinations. Thus each student has a wide choice of destinations for a language study stays abroad, where learning French according to their needs and desires.

Whether for children and teenagers, adults and students or businessmen, volunteer workers or people over 50 years of age, ESL - Language study abroad offers custom packages.

Are you seduced or simply curious? ESL - Language study abroad is the website to visit.


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