If You Can't Say A Word

by Lana Wall

Learning a new language is possible and exciting only if you have the right tools. Among people who are learning a new language, only a few will end up fluent. Learning different languages has been made more accessible and straightforward nowadays, thanks to technology.

It was once difficult to get to know a new language until you travel to the country, but now it is easier to learn by making use of these tools.

Getting Started

Reading and Vocabulary

Connecting With Native Speakers

Video and Audio

Learning Grammar


The main aim in early stages of learning a new language is focusing on knowing the real meaning of the original words. Aim at recognizing pronouns, prepositions, basic collective nouns such as food, car, most used verbs like walk, sleep, eat.

A lot of listening and speaking is needed as practice. This helps to improve your speaking skills. Listen to what interests you and do it repetitively as you would a song. The tools highlighted in this article will help you when speaking to natives in any country.

About the writer

Lana is an Australian native, and a traveler, fitness coach and blogger who wants to share knowledge and get more audience. As a former athlete, she continues to lead an active lifestyle and runs a website about the relationships, habits of outdoor activities, gives advice, develops healthy patterns and promotes her worldview.




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