8 ways to expand consciousness by learning languages

by Fianna Ponder

Nowadays, there are many interesting and useful hobbies, and learning foreign languages is considered one of them because it can easily improve different aspects of your life. It is an excellent opportunity to make your life brighter. Language learning widens your scope and offers many other valuable advantages. Therefore, if you want to study a foreign language, don’t wait any longer. If you are still not sure whether you want it or not, this article is just for you!

Why is It Useful to Learn Foreign Languages?

Someone may ask, “Why should I learn a new language?” First, it is an extremely engaging process. Moreover, language learning is useful for health and consciousness due to its positive effects. Among other things, learning languages can help in the following aspects:

1. Increases concentration

The process of language learning needs total concentration because it is impossible to study any subject if you are constantly digressing. Moreover, improved concentration may influence your work in a positive manner. Therefore, if you want to become one of well-known career professionals, start learning new language to enhance your concentration.

2. Improves memory

It is not a secret that learning a new language may improve your memory because you need to enlarge your vocabulary with new words and memorize different grammar rules. Moreover, learning any foreign language increases the speed of information processing. This fact was even proved by scientists. Hence, it can be a very effective way to improve your cognitive abilities.

3. Prevents brain diseases

It is also important to mention that language lessons may give some physical benefits to people who want to become polyglots. Many neurobiologists say that learning new languages helps develop new neuronal circuits in brain. Consequently, by learning any foreign language, you improve your mental health. Such disorders as Alzheimer disease, dementia, sclerosis, and other brain-related problems won’t bother you even at an advanced age. Statistical data proves this opinion; according to different investigations, people working with foreign languages – translators, interpreters, foreign language teachers – have fewer brain problems.

4. Provides information about new cultures

Certainly, language learning is impossible without investigating the culture, history, and traditions of a particular country. You will learn much interesting information that would help you understand and appreciate diversity. Consequently, this knowledge will make your scope a little bit wider. So, you cannot lose such an opportunity.

5. Increases tolerance of other nations

This point is closely connected to the previous one. Different languages were influenced by different historical events and conditions. Therefore, by learning a foreign language, you may truly understand why and how mindsets differ depending on a country and nation. Certainly, this knowledge is veryuseful because it helps reduce all misunderstandings and prevent possible conflicts. This fact is extremely important in the face of the worldwide globalization.

6. Gives an opportunity to learn other worldviews

The mindset of a particular country is reflected in its language in full measure. Consequently, a meaningful dialogue with native speakers will help you investigate the worldviews and beliefs of people living in different countries. It is a very good reason to make language learning a hobby.

7. Gives a good chance to fight a fear of failure

Learning any new information including foreign languages is always a challenge that shows how much you can expand the borders of your potential. This point is closely connected with the opportunity to conquer your embarrassment when you try to speak new language at the very first time. As Samuel Beckett, a famous Irish novelist said: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Certainly, these words are very good to describe the situation when a person tries to eliminate the language barrier between him/her and native speakers. Moreover, these attempts, even failing, will increase your confidence when you start speaking fluently at last.

8. Increases creativity

The process of language learning is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. You may know a half of words in one sentence and guess the meaning of others from the context. Moreover, when you are talking with a native speaker, your mind starts looking for the way out of such a situation, sorting different constructions, searching synonyms of forgotten words, etc. All these things help you be more inventive.

A different language is like a whole new world. It is a beautiful but unexplored place. Certainly, learning something new is always interesting and engaging, and learning foreign languages is no exception. It improves our consciousness because cognitive processes associated with acquiring new information are believed to change our brains physically. Therefore, one may confidently claim that by studying a new language, we not only change our mind to better but also change the world itself. Undoubtedly, it is a good motivation to try.


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