6 Funniest Idioms You Never Knew Exist In The English Language

by Jasmine Demeester

Doing a Devon Loch

In this hectic lifestyle, you sometimes need a reason to laugh and for that funny idioms are the best ones to go through during free time. This write-up consists of some funny idioms and their meanings, which you will definitely like. Knowing about these funny idioms will not only change your mood, in fact, it will also make you the prominent personality in your friend circles.

Every language has its colors of culture and people and English is no exception. The language has some of the famous idioms that reflect a profound thought. Interestingly, you'll also find some very funny idioms in the English language that convey an idea in a lighthearted mood. Some of them deserve a mention here:

1. “Do A Devon loch”

According to etymologists, Devon Loch was the name of a racehorse that collapsed just a few steps away from winning post at the Grand National Race in the United Kingdom back in 1956. This historical account is basically credited with the origin of this idiom and people use it when anyone suddenly falls short of reaching his goal.

2. “As Cool As a Cucumber”

It is another famous English idiom that people use. It means a person who is very calm and cool. This phrase is often used in daily conversations when someone describes a person who is unaffected by changes in a situation, especially if it deals with something dangerous.

3. “Bob's Your Uncle”

Normally, people use it instead of “there you go”. Though it is an old word, it is still used due to its funny connotation. A good case of using this idiom is when someone asks you an address and you tell them “Go straight on this road, take the first left and, bob's your uncle, you'll find a cake shop.”

4. “Do A Runner”

This idiom is really interesting and you can use it for all of your friends who slip away from a restaurant just to avoid paying the bill. You may also use it for those people who tend to run away from a situation to avoid embarrassment. This funny idiom is originated from “Anthony, and Cleopatra”, one of the famous plays of William Shakespeare.

5. “Hairy At The Heel”

This sounds quite interesting. Going by the definition of the word, it refers to people with a rude behavior. It was Walter James Macqueen-Pope who explained the meaning of this word in Back Numbers and described it as a reference to a rude and ill-behaved person.

6. “When Pigs Fly”

It is a hyperbole usage of the word in which you don't take the meaning literally. This particular phrase describes something that is impossible. There is also a similar saying that has been used in the Scotland and the word has derived from that idiom. Today, it is widely used as a way implies that something is impossible.

The aforementioned are some of the humorous idioms that people use in their daily lives. Hope you find them funny enough to use in your daily chit chats with your family and friends.

About the writer

Jasmine Demeester is a Sub-Editor at Custom Dissertation UK. She is known as a polymath in her social circles as she knows more than a dozen languages. Her knack for the language led him to earn a degree in Linguistics. Her favorite hobbies are watching the movies and reading literature.


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