Expand your Horizons with a Second Language

When many people think of learning a new language one single use or advantage comes to their mind. That may be a business purpose or a tourism one, but it usually just the one.

However, learning a new tongue is a major step in anyone's life, and it is worth taking the time to consider the positive impact which it could have in multiple areas before you go ahead and make a final decision on getting started.

You may want to simply enjoy a more interactive style of holiday; one where you get to speak to the locals and feel part of a different culture for a short period. Another popular reason for learning a new language is to meet a requirement for a new job, for example when you are going to be posted abroad or need to be able to carry out basic communication with foreign colleagues.

In either of these circumstances, or any other you care to think of, it is worth taking the time to ask yourself, "How can I take advantage of this new skill in my life?" The opportunities and new directions which the knowledge of a new tongue opens up for you are not to be underestimated and should be carefully considered.

Of course, the difficulty in learning a new language is a factor which puts a lot of potential students off before they even start. With our busy, modern lives it can be really difficult to find a way to get to night classes on time every time. Even those students who start off with great enthusiasm and energy often find that they don't complete the course for one reason or another.

The lack of viable alternatives to this approach has long been a problem for people wanting to learn a new language, but now a great new style of learning means that if you want to learn Italian in London homes, Birmingham offices, Leicester shops and basically anywhere in the UK and Ireland can be turned into a classroom any time you want.

The secret behind this new teaching method is so simple that it makes you wonder why it has taken so long for it to become popular. The new student simply asks a native speaking teacher to go to either their home or place of work at the time that suits them.

Let's look at an example of someone who would really struggle to pick up another language through traditional methods. The person in question wants to learn Portuguese in Leeds but works long days in the centre of Leeds and then faces a tiring commute home. Instead of finding out what ways to learn Portuguese in the early morning or in the middle of night he could get a qualified teacher to visit his office at lunch time or his home in the evening when he arrives.

About the author

The author, Ivana, learned Spanish in order to expand her personal and professional horizons and now lives and works in South America, where she teaches English as well as writing on a part time basis about the benefits of being bilingual.


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