Tips on how to develop strong writing skills

by Albina Welsh

Becoming a skilled writer is highly possible with practice. Just like any other skill, you need to give in to learning, become a willing student in order to be a master of the craft.

With the changes happening in the world in the job market, freelance writing has become a commonplace for many who take it as their source of income. This being the case, the need for becoming a talented writer cannot be overlooked.

Why are writing skills important?

You are able to communicate to your parents, tutors, and friends because of the knowledge you have now. It is the primary unit of communication. Historic events and recordings are founded on this discipline. We cannot neglect its impact in the present status. Our daily lives rest on the knowledge of writing. It is the blueprint of all communication happening in the world.

We cannot make use of the technology without writing skills; we disseminate information from one place to another because of the same. If you are in business or an investor and you want to secure great deals, writing is the basis. In all aspects that touch our daily lives, we find we cannot manage if we do not have the right writing techniques and understanding.

For you to be a person of substance in the current society, it is important to know the writing skills, to understand the work of other people that will influence and give you the right knowledge in what to do. Writing is basic in any area without which we cannot communicate. As different languages pose challenges to non-users that is the same challenge our world can be without writing. Our co-existence and understanding are because of writing. I believe you now have a motivation why you should develop your writing skills.

Learning is unending discipline; many platforms exist to help you develop your skills. Most of them understand the need for writing and they help pinpoint your weaknesses and work on it. The training is essential to everyone who wants to experience new horizons in the writing skills. When life and technology develops, we train ourselves to fit in the change without which we become obsolete.

The best methods for developing strong writing skills will take you a great mile in this field. Here are some of the techniques you can employ to develop your skills without any extra effort.

Understand your target group

Have you ever read a piece intended to give you some information and you feel like it is an article targets an electrician? The terms and wording are too hard for you to comprehend, especially when you fall in different disciplines with the writer. Anyone who wants to develop his or her writing skills should consider his subject. It is essential to understand their level of understanding. Get the right knowledge and terms of what you want to communicate. When you figure how best you can receive from them at their level, you can write in the best way for them.

Consider the choice of words

Our daily communication in speech should represent our writing. Having the knowledge of whom you are speaking to is essential in this case. The purpose of writing is to communicate efficiently and logically present the information we have. When you communicate with your immediate friend, I am sure that you use little of jargons. It is exactly with good writing.

Use words that give the real meaning of what people identify with in the current world. Everyone will appreciate the simple but straight to the point words, in this way, you improve your writing skill because they can identify with you. Hard words and jargon will hinder basic communication in writing. Choice of word encompasses the use of simple and familiar words; no one can miss your point.

Avoid discriminative words

A good writer knows when and how to use the words in their context. The language we use developed in the society where men were the dominant figures. It resulted to use of man as a referral point and most statements tend to revolve around him. If you want to develop your writing in the current world, you need to avoid discriminative words because of the gender balance rule. We are all equal unless what you are writing is custom made for a specific gender. You can avoid it by using plural such as instead of "him" or "her", you use them, they and their. Avoid words that stereotype age, nationality, race, and disabilities. Your writing will be appreciated well it is all-inclusive.

Consider nice paragraphs and sentences structure

Good writing involves sentences with the right structure. When you put more words and ideas in the same sentence, the more it becomes complex to understand. A sentence should be simple and express an idea or explain a single thought. Developing well-structured sentences improves your writing skills. Have your paragraphs as short as possible and with related or single information. Each paragraph should be progressive to the goal of writing while you avoid redundant details.

Examples of how to develop writing skills in the fastest way Rewrite the articles you read: Anytime you read an article, get time to rewrite in your own simple and clear words to convey the same message. Doing it consistently will improve your skills.

Read new information: extensive reading expands your mind and gives you enough skills to write competent pieces.

Train yourself to write regularly, repeated writing improves your skills. Each time you write, you improve on expression and information content. You learn from your mistakes and improve on them.

Comment on other posts with in-depth writing and find their comments. The more you comment on the posts with the desire to develop your skills, the more you note the changes and improve on it. Reading the posts helps you appreciate their writing.


Learning how to be a good writer is very possible if you are passionate about it. Activate alerts from top sites for freelance writers to get updated news about this space. Such accounts will help you follow relevant developing stories and learn from other like-minded writers.

Learning from the current writing formats from different individuals will help you develop your skills easily, fast and sometimes at no extra cost. Practice what you learn by writing your own pieces and comparing each day to see where you need to put more emphasis.


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