Science-Backed Ways to Boost Memory and Recall

by Julia Morrissey

Despite the fact that we have the ability to look up information about anything in a matter of minutes today, memory still plays a critical role in everyday life. You can't always just "Google it." Memory helps us not only learn about the world around us, but also to adapt accordingly. In addition to remembering how to do basic tasks and activities, such as riding a bike, memory also helps individuals build on the knowledge they have and become proficient or even experts in certain areas.

Since memory plays such a critical role in our daily lives, it is important to not only protect it, but also know how to improve and facilitate memory. This piece offers science-backed ways to protect and boost memory.

Boost Memory With a Healthy Lifestyle

You can protect and improve your memory by making healthy lifestyle choices. Engaging in regular exercise, limiting stress, eating a healthy diet, and making sure to get enough sleep have all been shown to benefit memory.

Exercise regularly

Exercise can directly and indirectly boost memory and thinking skills. Cardio appears to boost the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning. Regular exercise can also indirectly impact memory as it can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, and sleep better, all of which have a relationship to memory.

Limit stress

Excessive or severe stress can be detrimental to memory function. One study showed that exposure to uncontrollable stress impacted object-recognition memory. In order to reduce stress, you might consider practicing meditation or mindfulness. Meditation has been shown to improve episodic memory, the memory of everyday events.

Eat healthy

Not surprisingly, what you eat can have an impact on memory. Consuming a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains can improve the health of your brain. Limiting alcohol and refined sugar can also be protective.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a role in the consolidation of memories, and not getting enough sleep can impair your ability to concentrate. You can improve sleep by engaging in some of the lifestyle choices mentioned above: exercising regularly, aim to reduce stress, and limit also. It can also be helpful to avoid caffeine later in the day.

8 Techniques for Memorizing Information

In addition to protecting your memory, there are also techniques you can use to memorize information. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who are preparing for an exam or presentation.

Combined with living a healthy lifestyle, using these 8 science-backed techniques from the University of St. Augustine below can help you retrain information and improve recall.

Science-backed memory tips

About the writer

Julia Morrissey is a content creator who works to develop helpful guides and compelling stories. She calls New York City home and enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, running in Central Park, and finding new vegan dining options around the city.


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