Tips on improving English Grammar for language learners

By Raymond B. Soto

Everyone needs to know and improve their English grammar, especially if studying the language. It promotes smooth and easy communication, as well as making someone's image favorable. If you were someone else, how would you gauge your intelligence by simply listening to the way you talk or reading what you wrote? Good enough or failed? If it's the latter, then below are some tips from an essay writing company that can help you get a passing score.


Reading can do many wonders to your English ability. You will get exposed to the correct usage of words in sentences and you will also learn how to sound more natural. Knowing the correct words is not enough. You also should learn how to use them correctly in statements.

Keep a journal or blog

After reading the correct usage of English grammar from someone else's written works, it would be useful to put your learning into practice. Start writing a diary or blog. They will provide you with the channel to reinforce what you have learned and remember it more easily. As keeping a diary or blog entails a continuous process, you would also be able to practice the proper usage of the language regularly. This will make using correct grammar second nature.

Listen to songs

Sure, you may not see this as a way to learn grammar, but songs are basically stories of how people feel - or at least a lot of them are. Listening to them will give you an idea of how to express certain things, enabling you to say what you want as well. However, one thing you need to be extra cautious about is what they call artistic or poetic license. This is when some grammatical mistakes are “excused” to make the flow of the line in the song sound more fluid. Although this can be quite common, they do not occur too frequently in one song. Also, they are often just the issue of the past and present tenses.

Watch TV and movies

Just like reading and listening to songs, your English grammar can be improved by watching programs and movies on TV that have a lot of dialogues in them. These dialogues can serve as your guide in using various words for daily conversations. Through them, you will also be able to separate some vocabulary that are only appropriate in written form. If you haven't noticed yet, some words are much better read than spoken.

Research about grammar

The internet is rich in information about grammar and its rules. Make time to do regular research on them and take note of the most important points you learn each time. Your notes can come in handy whenever some queries pop up.

No one can learn English grammar rules overnight. Anyone who wants to be a master of it should exhaust all possibilities to achieve the goal. As the ways to learn grammar are not really difficult, the goal can't be that hard to reach either. One just needs to realize how truly important improving their grammar is.


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