Boosting Your Career Growth with Language Skills

by Andrej Kovacevic

In today’s gig and remote economy, you can almost turn any skill or even personality trait and turn it into a valuable commodity or tool to advance yourself professionally. Some of us are visual learners, some of us are better with verbal communications.

If you have a gift with words and/or can learn new languages pretty fast, you can make yourself a unicorn in the business world or even contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Communication Rated as Most Valued Skill by Employers

According to a report related to The Future of Talent, Australian businesses consider communication skills as most valuable for prospective employees, followed by problem solving skills. This preference is global. For instance, according to US Metlife’s study, 97 per cent of executives rated writing as the most important skill for future business leaders. That’s why more and more businesses have been hiring English majors into their talent pipeline.

Corporate Communication, Marketing, Human Resources, Strategy, and even Sales could use more linguistically talented resources. Many skills and knowledge can be taught on the job; natural gift for effectively communicating and connecting with people is a rare skill that could help you in diverse situations. Those who successfully climb up that corporate ladder are often talented speakers who can articulate information with minimal misunderstanding and inspire people to take actions.

In addition, if you want to further your chances of success in business, there are many flexible online programs such as that could give you the level of exposure and knowledge you need to accelerate your career growth.

Not only that, certain companies will offer a more prestigious rotation or executive training programs for employees who are intelligent and can speak multiple languages. With global expansion, having a leader who can lead multidisciplinary teams across wider geographies is considered a competitive advantage for most businesses. It is said that multilingual employees can earn 5 - 20 percent more per hour than those who only speak one. There are many industries where speaking multiple languages can open doors for you such as real estate, hospitality, and nursing. So if you are able to speak multiple languages, make sure to highlight that on your resume!

AI/ML Depend on Linguistic Skills

This may sound like an oxymoron to say linguistic understanding is an invaluable asset in tech today; but it is true. AI companies are turning to those with linguistic backgrounds to help obtain a better understanding of how to capture sentiment, information, etc. from customers and users using speech patterns and tones.

AI depends on the use of natural language processing to help better connect people to information or products they need, capture and implement feedback shared informally on social media or over the phone, and predict what the customers will like.

Great search engines such as Google could not have been built without the help of linguistics. And if you speak more than one language, you will be able to help remove geographical restrictions on your career expansion and make yourself stand out.


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