How to Learn Foreign Languages While Traveling

You might have this plan of traveling to some foreign countries, am I right? If yes, what are your preparations aside from having enough money to spend for the expenses of the entire trip? The destinations? The clothes to bring and more? Most of us focus only on such things, however, if you will go on travel to foreign languages, don't you think it is also crucial to learn foreign languages?

Well, for me, this seems to be important. Since you are going to stay and roam around to these foreign places, it would be of great help to learn how they speak. Speaking their languages would establish rapport and great new experiences too. And since you are on travel, speaking their language could serve a practical purpose. Don't you think it would be a lot easier to ask them where to ride a bus, or the nearest bathroom, find a mattress and your other needs.

Some Tips to Consider

On that note, I will provide you some of the many tips you can consider on how you could learn foreign languages as you go on travel. Here are some:

Take Some Lessons

Indeed, having a basic appreciation of the grammar, structure, pronunciation and verbs rules of the language would help in building a foundation. Once looking for language schools, you could search for a program which focuses on the practical along with an emphasis on conversation.

If you only have a short visit or trip on a specific foreign language, then online resources on how to learn language could be considered. There could be limitless options out there.

Actively Listen and Mimic

For sure, active listening might be hard work since it needs concentration. And in fact, sustained listening for an extended period could leave you drained. But still, active listening is vital to learning a foreign language. If you listen carefully, you might start noticing bits of phrases, vocabulary, and repeated patterns.

And if you recognize the familiar words, you could already try them out for yourself. It also helps to have a dictionary on hand to consult and confirm what you believe you are hearing. Another technique could be mimicry or reflection of what you've heard. You will provide mental reinforcement for different phrases, and it also helps in communicating what you've listened to, so you will understand what the other person said.

Learn to Speak Simply

Since we are used to having an collection of vocabulary to express what we want articulately. However, once adapting a new language, you would only have a limited amount of constructs, verbs, and vocabulary to get the point across. In doing so, you can channel your inner child and speak as well as ask questions with as simple and few words as possible. You should be careful of slang, and take note that your goal is to communicate.

Resist Using Your Native Language

Resist the urge to speak English. You might be surprised by how many individuals actually hang with you once you persist. Once conducting a transaction in a foreign language, or if you are confused about specific terms, you can switch to your language to confirm the details.

Besides, some locals would want to speak your language since they are interested in improving language skills. So, in these situations, you can propose a language exchange or a compromise for both parties can benefit.

So, these are just some of the tips that might help you as you go traveling and learning the foreign language at the same time. Take note of these tips, and you'll definitely have a great trip.


It is definitely among the goals of many to travel almost all over the world. And in connection to that, being able to learn the language of each country visited is a great plus to a memorable experience. Good to know that with the use of the Internet, it would be a lot easier to ask help with regards to foreign language.


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