7 Words Added to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary in 2017

by Anna Marsh

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary illustration

As the English language evolves, so does the dictionaries and Merriam-Webmaster is one of them. It is the dictionary that is famous among the people of all age groups and professions. 2017 was great for this particular dictionary as lots of new words were added to it.

Lots of new terms of every sector were also added in this dictionary that has attracted everyone so you should think of making it an integral part of your life. The Merriam-Webmaster is different in a way that it reveals the meaning of words in a precise manner so that you understand a word properly.

This remarkable improvement of Merriam-Webmaster also manifests the devotion and passion of its staff for introducing new words for people. This post is interesting to read as it has come up with all those new words that were added in Merriam-Webmaster.

Followings are those words so you should make sure that you take a look at them properly.

1. Bokeh

Let's start off with this interesting word which this dictionary has got. It talks about the blurred effect or attribute in the portion of an image that is not focused.

You need to understand that the good bokeh is very much attractive and pleasing and on the other hand bad bokeh comes up with jagged effect. It is also important to know that the attribute of bokeh depends on the lens' construction. Nowadays, you will also find that lots of essay writers use this word in their write-ups.

2. Elderflower

It is another interesting word you should think of using it in your conversation. It is elderberry's flower that is used to make teas, liqueurs and different wines. This word is getting common rapidly and you find people using it in their conversation.

You should also think of using this word and inspire people around you with this interesting word. You will find that the people who love wines a lot like this word.

3. Fast Fashion

This particular word is a noun. It is a smart approach to design, marketing, making of different clothing fashions ensuring that latest fashion trends are available to customers.

This word is gaining its popularity specifically in the fashion industry and all the top fashion designers use it in their conversations so you should also consider using it.

4. The Internet of Things

It is another good addition to this famous dictionary and it is very popular in the online world. It reveals the network ability that makes gadgets such as coffee maker get useful information over the internet.

IT professionals use this world a lot in their normal conversation and it is important to know that this word is a noun phrase.

5. Troll

You will also find that it manifests people on the internet having inappropriate behaviors. Add this word to your vocabulary list and use it whenever you find people having an inappropriate behavior on the internet. This verb is also an outstanding addition to this dictionary.

6. Hive mind

It is another interesting noun that dictionary has got in 2017 and using it will reveal that you are good at speaking English. It is the suggestions, ideas and different opinions of a specific group of individuals. Adding this word to your vocabulary list is essential for you.

7. Froyo

Make a habit of using this particular word for frozen yogurt and it is really getting popularity among people of every age group. It seems that this word will replace the word frozen yogurt.

Above-mentioned are some interesting additions to Merriam-Webmaster which you should start using in your daily conversation. You can also use them in writing which will also benefit you in various ways.


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