There is nothing impossible in language learning.

by Georgina Heredia

Get ready to know a truth that will change your view towards language learning.

Nothing is impossible

Maybe you will have to try 3, 8 or 20 times, but if you give up when you're at the 2nd, the 7th or the 19th, you'll never enjoy success. Don't see your mistakes as failures. They are opportunities for you to see what's that you're NOT suppossed to do. Keep searching.

No language is too hard to be learned.

If someone is able to speak it, even if it's half-way around the world, then it means you're able to speak it, too.

Why am I so sure?

Because you being able to read this means you've learned English, which means that your brain and the organs required for language and language learning work perfectly.

Just keep trying until you enjoy the fruits of your effort. Otherwise, You would be making something impossible out of language learning. I have shown you that everything is possible. Now go and show it to yourself.

Practice makes perfect / La práctica hace al maestro

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About the author

Georgina Heredia is an enthusiastic lingusitics student who writes about making language learning [even more] fun at her spanish-speaking blog,


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