Social networking sites to help you learn a new language

by Izabela Wisniewska

Learning a new language used to mean having to sit down with a book or attend a class, or if you were technologically advanced, listen to a language tape. Learning a new language now, however, is much more diverse with online language courses and even social networking sites dedicated to language learning, which seems like a great idea, because social media networking sites are becoming more and more popular.

“Language learning ” social networking sites are relatively new and an innovative and fun way of learning a new language, allowing you to not only study but also meet and interact with native language speakers. Communicating with native speakers not only helps you to pick up the language more quickly, but also helps you to learn different dialects and colloquialisms used in the country and making language learning more fun like this, helps you to be motivated in your studies.

If you are new to social networking sites that help you learn a new language, or even new to learning new languages in general, you might be unsure which social networking site to use. To make your decision easier, we have put together a list of the top # social networking sites that can help you to learn a new language:

1. Bussuu

Very similar to an interactive game, this site offers free interactive lessons and exams, text and video chat to native speaker, writing exercises and reading comprehension tests amongst a range of other functionalities. Most of these functions are free, however, there is the option to upgrade for features such as audio samples, PDFs and Podcasts.


Providing an interactive community with speaker of over 100 languages, this website allows you to connect with friends (old or new) and language partners, helping you to find a language teacher and use features such as a question and answer section, to learn your preferred language.

3. BBC Languages

Perfect for travellers this site offers ‘quick fix phrases’ as well as several 12-week courses and a rage of resources including audio recording and videos

4. Babbel

This site encourages community driven learning, however, it does only offer the languages Spanish, French, German and Italian. As well as providing vocabulary it also offers some grammar lessons and writing exercises. Babbel also offers a live chat room and a forum where users can interact.

5. My Happy Planet

Like VoxSwap this site also connects those wanting to learn a language to those who speak it it, allowing them to chat in the active online community. There are also a number of written and video lessons available from other users of the site.

These are what we consider to be the best and most fun social networking sites designed for language learning, why not take a look at them all before deciding which one is the most suitable for you.


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