Fun and Effective Learning Techniques for Teaching Languages to Children

by Maria Hills

Learning a new language as an adult is harder compared to learning as a child. However, although it is easy for kids to learn a new language, they may lack the motivation to learn. If the kids you are teaching the language are having a difficult time learning, you should probably change the teaching techniques.

In this article, we will discuss a few interesting teaching techniques that will help kids learn the new language faster.

Use Technology and Media to Encourage Learning

Take advantage of technology and the media to teach the young learners a new language. You can easily fetch online reading programs for schools from the internet to teach kids.

Also, you can have the young learners watch televised learning programs for children. For instance, you can have them watch cartoons in the target language.

The technique works well when you learn the language first and then implement the language.

2. Learning Through Poems

The role of folklore, proverbs, and poems in learning a new language cannot be downplayed. Learning the texts of a new language by the heart helps the learner to activate their vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, it helps the child to improve their intonation as well the pronunciation.

The use of poems and other creative text in learning a foreign language helps the learner to develop fluency as it sticks in the mind for a long time. Poems are imaginative, more expressive and emotional which aids the memory.

3. Singing Catchy Music in Foreign Language

Another method of helping the learners to learn a new language faster is through music. Just like poems, creative text is easier to remember. A song helps the learner to memorize the words easily. Words are a great tool for memorization and a highly effective learning technique.

Get the songs in the foreign language and use it to teach the young learners. They will have fun while they learn.

4. Toys and Games in the Foreign Language

You can use play to further help the learners understand the new language. Get a toy or play material that is branded with a foreign language or programmed in foreign language. Even if it is just a simple name of the toy in a new language, it can help the child make progress in learning. Always encourage the learner to use the foreign language on objects and toys and not translated versions.

5. Learning as a Group

You can encourage the children to love the new language by encouraging them to learn together with other kids or with family members. Children learn best by imitating the environment and people around them.


Learning a foreign language is fun and it broadens your horizons and opens greater opportunities. Children have the ability to learn quickly compared to adults. Teaching and learning a new language requires patience.

Use the above discussed techniques to have your children develop interest in the language and make it easy to learn.


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