Top 5 Things to Do and See in Argentina

by Samuel Mignoni

Argentina is an awesome travel destination. It is important to remember that Argentina has a reverse climate. The best time to visit is during the warmer months of November through March. The cities of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Salta and Bariloche all should be considered. Before you depart, check online for Spanish courses or for Spanish schools in Argentina. Below are some of the very best destinations and things to do while visiting Argentina.


Patagonia has an array of adventure waiting and a variety of animals live within this ecosystem. This may be one of the last wild frontiers of our modern planet. You can climb Perito Moreno Glacier in the morning or take a hike in Torres del Paine National Park. The Ruta Nacional 40 or RN40 is a paved road running through the lengths of this beautiful and natural region. Heading south RN3 sends travelers through ancient petrified forests past Welsh settlements before arriving at the Peninsula. There is also a trendier Patagonia; if you enjoy shopping, dining and nightlife, you are in luck. Visitors will find a fun and youthful Patagonia plus an ancient, historical region full astonishing beauty and mystery.

Buenos Aires

This city offers people an experience unlike any other; one that is rich and diverse. Buenos Aires is considered a rival to Paris which is no small feat. Including, architecture that is old, charming and thought provoking plus continued efforts to delight tourists with modern additions such as the New Contemporary Art Museum. Buenos Aires has something for everyone from the arts to fabulous restaurants and exotic nightlife to natural and spiritual beauty.

Iguazu Falls

This natural wonder is twice as wide as Niagara and is taller, as well. It is situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil making it quite an exotic location to visit. There is said to be more than 275 waterfalls that cascade throughout the national parks in this region with the Devil's Throat being the most famous.


The Andes Mountains are a must-see travel destination. Mendoza is strategically located at the foot of the Andes and in Argentina wine country. Locally known as the Napa and Sonoma Valley of Argentina, tourists will not only enjoy amazing wines but they can also sample many other local flavors, visit ancient Inca sites and view the largest peak in the hemisphere.


Ushuaia near the Beagle Canal is the southernmost city on the planet. Once a remote destination for the prisoners of Argentina it is now an adventurers dream. Cross country skiing, hiking and water excursions to the Argentine Antarctica are all possible within the same local. The mountains keep the climate mild even in this remote part of the world.

Planning a vacation is the first step to ensuring your time away from home will be both fun and relaxing. If you are on an extended holiday, you could even learn Spanish in Argentina. Remember to plan accordingly by doing a little online research beforehand.


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