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by Helen Wood

You are planning to write the TOEFL test and you are wondering about where to begin with your test preparation, right? Well, you don’t have to worry; ETS has numerous resource materials that will help you in the preparation for your TOEFL exam. In addition to this, you get to build your skills in the English language. The resource materials for the TOEFL examination come with top notch practice tests, sample questions, detailed information and tips on passing the exam, and interactive skill development programs. It is important to mention that the test takers who have one disability or the other can also access test preparation tools that will help them in their preparation.

To help you in your exam prep, you can enrol for the free online course for the TOEFL Test Preparation. This course material comes with short quizzes, tips from professional instructors, and videos to help with your test prep. We have detailed below the top resources that are available to you for your TOEFL examination preparation.

TOEFL Official App

This makes your preparation seamless and right at your fingertip. You can prepare for your exam using the app at your convenience and wherever you are. In addition to this, the app also allows you to zero in on specific skills that you need to succeed during the examination. It is worthy to note that the app is new and provides the candidates with an access to free practice questions for the four different sections of the TOEFL test. You also get some resources along with insider scoops to help you prepare adequately for the exam. With this app, you can also practice the specific skills you need with the in-app purchases of Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking practice tests. Each of them offers you the opportunity to check your prep progress with twenty-four hours’ scoring method from ETS. All these are what you get from the Official App of TOEFL.

TOEFL Practice Online

This is a single official practice test of TOEFL. It gives you the same experience that comes with taking the actual TOEFL test. With this practice online, you can review the questions and answers of the real test. You also get your result within twenty four hours alongside a performance feedback on all the four skills that are measured on the test: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. The practice test can be taken at home, school, or any area of your choice. All you need to access the TOEFL Test section on prepaway and need a good Internet connection throughout the period of using the resource.

TOEFL Value Packs

This is a resource package made available for your test prep. The pack includes the TOEFL Practice Online, the Official Guide to TOEFL Test, and other extra TOEFL score reports. When you purchase this valuable pack, you get up to 40% discount on your purchase.

Official Guide to TOEFL Test

The Official Guide to TOEFL test is a comprehensive guide that will help you in your exam preparation. This resource material has four full length practice tests with numerous valuable tips to help in your preparation. It is available in a paperback and eBook format. This tutorial is an original test prep guide designed officially by ETS. You can access an intensive reference to all TOEFL tests with tips on how you can build your skills in doing well during the exam with this official guide.

Practice Online Speaking TOEFL Series

This is an official test preparation tool that is designed to help you in your practice of English speaking skills. This Speaking Series utilizes the previous real test questions of TOEFL. It is designed to simulate the actual exam experience of TOEFL which gives the students a real life testing experience before the exam date. It is important to note that your communication skills in Speaking are generally scored using SpeechRater by ETS. This is a speech recognition technology designed to assess fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. At the end of test, you will receive your scores as well as a feedback within 24-hour period.

Online Prep Course – PDF

The Online Prep Course is designed to help the test takers achieve the best result during the TOEFL exam by offering a customized learning path with over eighty hours test prep contents. The course comes with robust exercises, diagnostic tests, structured self assessments, grade book, and automated scoring. You can access the full details of the TOEFL Online Prep Course through the official site of the exam maker.

Official TOEFL Test Volume Two

This official test prep resource consists of five original full length TOEFL test with earlier administered Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking questions. Each of the practice tests comes with sample writing and speaking responses, audio scripts, and answer keys. There is also the DVD ROM that has the real practice exams in an interactive version. There are also the audio tracks that are designed to be used for listening to passages. You can access the resource material in a downloadable eBook with audio passages.


All these top resources are provided by TOEFL and you can be sure that they are authentic materials. They have been put together to help you in your exam preparation. It is important that you focus on all the aspects of the test, such as Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading, as you will be tested on all these areas and it is crucial that you have good scores in all of them. The best way to start your preparation is to explore some of these top resource materials and focus on learning them. Take practice tests as often as possible to know the level of your assimilation in your study. In addition to studying these materials, you should also read different experiences of people who have written the TOEFL exam and have already passed it. You can access these reviews online. It is important that you focus on the positive vibes of those individuals who have succeeded in the exam and try to ignore all the negative comments about the examination.



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