How Can You Use Behavioral Linguistics in Your Message

by Maria Hills

It's 2023!

Marketing evolves every day, and online users (i.e., potential buyers) see many marketing messages while they browse the internet. If you are not careful as a marketer, people might not find your message intriguing or persuasive enough to push them to make the decision you want them to make.

Understanding the science of language can attract attention even from people who don't want to buy your product or service.

How, then, can you use behavioral linguistics to persuade them?

1. Don't complicate things - Keep things simple

When formulating content for marketing, you need to understand that people don't have much time to read your offer. Hence, using complex terms or language that isn't easy to understand will result in one thing - them leaving your page.

It's your job to ensure that you communicate using simple language. That way, your marketing message will be clear and easy to understand, even for a 13-year-old.

2. Call to action - Present tense is the best

Think about it!

Let's assume you are writing an article about the best hybrid SUV luxury. If you are writing a call to action, would you rather persuade people to buy a car now or when they have time and money?

For most of you, the best time to buy a car is now. So, when writing the call to action, persuade them to make the decision today or even as soon as they come to the end of the article.

3. Social proofing increases the value of the product

Online businesses include product reviews and testimonials on social media pages, websites, and even within the content.

Sometimes, the people writing these testimonials don't follow proper grammar rules. So, you wonder, "Why would the brand consider adding these product reviews to blog posts?"

It's a marketing tactic known as social proof. Marketers know that if clients see that a product worked for someone else, it can influence a buyer's decision. Ultimately, they'll buy the product.

4. Use numbers to catch the attention

Prospects love the idea of using numbers because they are easy to remember. It also indicates accuracy and the client's results after using this product.

But how do you use numbers in content?

Write the number in words. Then also, don't round up if it's a calculation. It indicates authenticity in the calculation.

5. Use pronouns to connect

The role of all kinds of connect is to connect. If you can't achieve this, you are missing the point.

You can use pronouns (we, us, you, and our) to connect with your audience. These pronouns make people feel part of your brand story. They'll see your human side. And if they can connect with it, it will be easy to convert.

6. Don't forget to rhyme

Clients will find content with rhyming words not only fascinating but also truthful and credible. And if you are selling anything, this is something you want to achieve with your marketing message..

Do you remember how your mom would sing rhyming narratives when you were a child? How much of your attention did they have? That's it.

So, if you can bring this to your marketing message, you are good to go.


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