Northwest Maidu (Koyoom k'awi)

Northwest Maidu is a Maiduan language of central California in the USA. It was formerly spoken along the Feather River, in parts of the Sierra Nevada foothills and in the Feather River Canyon. In 2013 there were 32 native speakers of the language, all of whom were elderly. There are currently no known native speakers, however the Konkow Language Preservation Group is trying to revive the language.

Northwest Maidu is also known as Konkow, Konkau or Concow-Maidu. The other Maiduan languages, Maidu, Chico and Nisenan, became extinct by the year 2000.

Northwest Maidu pronunciation

Northwest Maidu pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Northwest Maidu (Excel)

Sample text

heják’ak’amméndi, májdym píje:tosám ʔan! síkkojjàkypemk’ò:doji, síkkojdi, sìkko:mlúkdi jàk’a k’aná:ni. ʔòpá:nte, píje:ton. ʔòpá:nte, píje:ton. ʔakym ʔýk’oje ʔyjè:n. hỳbó:nak ʔyk’ójje ʔyjén.


A few years ago, a man was swimming. At a place called Chico, at Chico, Chico Creek, under the bridge. He kept on swimming, swimming. Now they (his friends) were leaving. They were going home.


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Information about the Northwest Maidu language and culture

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