The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Central Carrier

Babel whunedan'a

  1. Ndi yun k'ut 'oh da' 'ilho khuni za hoonli ts'iyanne lhk'un'a yahulhduk.
  2. 'Et 'uhooja nda' ndaz de hutizdil whe yun, Shiner huyulhni, 'i hik'eindil 'et 'uhoont'oh duchun hooloh-un nahuhoon'ai 'et nehunina.
  3. 'Et lhgha 'uhudutni, “'Anih, tse tl'us 'i 'uts'ooleh, 'ink'ez soo cho whe ts'oolht'es.” Tse tl'us 'i tse ba huyut'i 'ink'ez be ts'uwhudzeh, 'i hiye whutl'us ba.
  4. 'Et 'uhutni, “'Anih njan keyoh whuti 'uts'odoolneh 'ink'ez ndo yak'uz nain'a-i nyiz-i cho 'i 'uts'ooleh. 'Et wheni si neoozi' hoonli hole', ndi 'uts'inla da, doo ka si ndulcho whe ndi yun k'ut yats'odilh.”
  5. 'Et whe Moodihti (Yahweh) ndus de hainya 'ink'ez nyo keyoh whunilh'en 'ink'ez nyoo nain'a-i cho yoh huyulhtsi, 'i cha 'uhuyinla-i yunalh'en.
  6. 'Et Moodihti (Yahweh) 'utni, “A 'ilhune za hinli dune 'ink'ez lhk'un'a za yahulhduk. 'Et njan 'et azi whe'honilh'en ndai la 'uhitilelh hukwa' huninzun-un ts'iyawh si 'uhuhooleh.
  7. 'Anih buts'un ts'utoodilh, 'ink'ez bughuni 'i buch'a lhtats'uholelh. 'Et si lhulh hoodosts'o.”
  8. 'Et whe Moodihti (Yahweh) lhch'a buninla, 'ink'ez njan yun k'ut ndulhcho nehunindil. 'Et whe dune whut'i whucho nehonin'ai 'et 'etsul 'uhuja.
  9. 'Et huwa nyo nain'a-i cho, 'i Babal huyulhni, ndai la huye yalhduk-i cha ts'iyawh Moodihti (Yahweh) lhelhts'un un'a yahulhduk hubulhtsi 'ink'ez ndulcho yahandil.

Source: The Bible in Central Carrier, Canada. Wycliffe Bible Translators, 2011.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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