The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)



Zok ge haal ge Babel ne

  1. Naa ge ne suwar pal ma pet a ka far wak ge ɗu, ne fare janna ge ɗu me.
  2. A ɗage ne le ham ya, a mbo ya ɓol babur pul a̰me ge suwal Chineyar go, a kat na go.
  3. A jan ta go: «Mbo me nee, sḭ me nee jalab, tṵ me nee nama.» Jalab ma kat dimma ne njal ge sin kaŋ ma go, njiyal-mboo kat dimma ne Sima ge sin kaŋ go me.
  4. A jan ta go uwale: «Sḭ me nee suwal ga̰l ma ne zok ge haal cat ge na pala njeel mbo tat dok pul siya̰r! Go no nee dḭl ba tol, nee ba ɓarse se suwar pal to.»
  5. Bage ɗiŋnedin kan na koo ne digi ya se ndwara ndil suwal ga̰l ma ne zok ge haal cat ge naa dasana ma ne sin.
  6. Bage ɗiŋnedin jan go: «Ndi, a naa ge ɗu ge ma ne, a far wak ge ɗu. Ndi me kaŋ ge a ne ɗage ya kerra gale! Se no, kaŋ ge daage pet ge a ne ɓyare ya kerra, a̰me ge gwan tele nama to.
  7. Mbo me nee, ka̰ me ne koo ya se, vuuɗi me nee nama wak farra digi, ne da pe nama gwan za̰ ta ta buwal zi to.»
  8. Bage ɗiŋnedin ɓarse nama se teteŋ suwar pal, a ya̰ suwal ga̰l mbe be sinna.
  9. Da ne pe no, a tó na no Babel. A swaga mbe go no, Bage ɗiŋnedin vuuɗi naa dasana ma wak farra digi no, ɓarse nama se suwar pal no pet me.

Source: Pe Eya (Genesis). The Bible in Kim Language. Bible Society of Chad, 2013.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Kim is a member of the Mbum branch of Niger-Congo languages spoken in southern Chad.

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