The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Va (Wa)

Nyiex Lhaong Babelax

  1. Yam an kawn pui haktiex khawmuik, mawh pui tix ceu mai lox sikah tix ceu khaing heue.
  2. Kix kaoh khaing plak lih singaix mai kix yaox ka haktiex dee lung Shinar mai kix ot tan heue.
  3. Kix ah nin ka paox tix, “Hoek heue, ex yuh lon tiex mai gleeing tom kaux, kix yuh lon tiex sin mawh tang simaox mai kix shao graix tang tiex pawng pit heue.”
  4. Kix ah nin, “Hoek heue, ex sum veng ting tix mu mai nyiex lhaong son cao ex, tom cux raoma, sonsang ang ex lai prung prang ka haktiex tang dah mai sonsang ao min ceu kaux ex piang haktiex in heue.”
  5. Siyiex lih jhak ka veng mai nyiex lhaong pa sum kawn pui heue.
  6. Simiang Siyiex ah nin, “Kawn pui khankix hoik mawh pui tix ceu mai lox sikah kix kawx hoik mawh tix ceu khaing, yam in can pa yuh kix mai can pa keud kix phan ang lai koe ceu tieb ka, kix tak ca yuh awm an heue.
  7. Hoek heue, kieh Ex lih hu mai tiebtie kix mai kieh lox sikah kix tang khaing paox tix heue.”
  8. Mawh kheu nan, Simiang Siyiex kieh kix prung prang piang haktiex kudah dee mai ang lai kieh kix sum veng ting heue.
  9. Mawh kheu hoik kieh Simiang Siyiex lox sikah kix tang khaing paox tix mai kieh kix prung prang piang haktiex kudah dee, kix tom kok veng an mawh Babelax heue.

Source: Yam Jah (Genesis). Wa Common Language Bible. Bible Society of Myanmar, 2012.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl


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