Albatinan    اَلبـَتصنـَنـَر صطحن (athuraken)

Tha Albatinan alphabet is based on the Arabic script and is used to write Albatinan, a conlang invented by Alexander Stoilov (Azel Nosayn) inspired by Bulgarian grammar and Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish vocabulary. Albatinan can also be written with a version of the Arabic script.

Notable features

Albatinan and Arabic alphabets for Albatinan

Albatinan and Arabic alphabets for Albatinan


Sample text in Albatinan

Albatinan sample text

This text in the Arabic alphabet

تيطى خـَروفى ويخوريمى يو خـًسـَفى زصنقى.


Teve harufe uehureme eu haasafe zinfe.


All human beings are born equal.

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