Aynukana    Aynukana

Aynukana is a method of writing the Ainu language with half-wide Katakana devised by E.F., who finds the system currently used to write Ainu with Katakana to be somewhat unappealing, unsatisfactory and even confusing with regard to morphological structures.

The idea is to use a selection of half-wide Katakana to write Ainu alphabetically. For example Katakana KO is just /k/ in any position, including syllable-final and preceding /o/.

The five vowels of Ainu are the Katakana A I U E O. For Ainu /p/ he has chosen the katakana FU for historical and etymological reasons: the island of Iturup in the Kuriles, for example, is Etuworop in Ainu and Etorofu in Japanese. For the other ten Ainu consonants and semi-vowels he has chosen the Katakana graphemes with the least number of strokes (more or less) but he admits that one could chose other ones as well, especially for /s/ and /ts/. The semi-vowels (glides) /w y/ also have their own letters and are not written with Katakana U and I, as in the present system.

For titles, the first letter of proper names and of sentences etc. a larger size of the same Katakana is used, thereby creating a (kind of) bicameral script.

Notable features




Sample texts (voiced allophones and high pitch are not indicated)

Sample text in Ainu in Aynukana

Sineantota petetok un sinotas kusu payeas awa, petetokta sine ponrupnekur nesko uray kar kusu uraykik neap kosanikkewkan punas-punas.
(Kamuy Yukar)

Синэантота пэтэток ун синотас кусу пайэас аўа, пэтэтокта синэ понрупнэкур нэско урай кар кусу урайкик нэап косаниккэўкан пунас-пунас. (Камуй Йукар)

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