Conway script Conway script

This is an alphabet inspired by Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automaton created by John H. Conway in 1970. The 'game' involves an orthogonal grid, with 'live' cells and 'dead' cells. The grid changes over time - live cells can die off (starvation or overpopulation), while dead cells can be born/reborn (reproduction). An example is shown, using a pixel form of the letter "G" and morphing it over 3 iterations. (Live cells are black, dead cells are white.)

An example of how the Conway script letters are formed

The alphabet was generated by morphing each English letter, plus 0-9, individually in Life (3 iterations each). The punctuation marks are based on common stable ('still life') cell groups.

Notable features

Conway script

Conway script

Sample text

Sample text in the Conway script


"A 'live' cell dies if it has more than 3 live neighbors, or less than 2. A 'dead' cell is repopulated if it has exactly 3 live neighbors."

Details of Conway's Game of Life's_Game_of_Life

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