Cyrillic Navajo (Дінєь Бізаад)

The Cyrillic Navajo alphabet was devised by Casey Yates, who was inspired by Renglish. He adapted the Cyrillic script to Navajo because Navajo is one of his favorite languages, and the Cyrillic alphabet is his favorite script. It has thirty letters, much like most languages that use the script, but unlike the modern languages that use Cyrillic, this alphabet uses letters from Church Slavonic. Words are written from left to right, just like in Navajo.

Cyrillic Navajo alphabet

Cyrillic Navajo alphabet

ь is the tone mark

Long Vowels and Tone Markings

If two letters are both in the high tone, only the second one will be marked i.e. áá is ааь íí is ііь etc. If a double vowel is in the falling tone then the tone mark (ь) will be on the left of the first vowel i.e. áa is ьаа, íi is ьіі etc. If a rising tone occurs then the tone mark will be in between the vowels i.e. aá is аьа, ií is іьі etc. Single vowels are marked normally i.e. á is аь, í is іь etc.

Download an alphabet chart for Cyrillic Navajo (Excel)

Sample text in Cyrillic Navajo

Біьлаѣашдлаѣіі тѣааь аљцох яініькѣєхго бідіжчїх дооь ахєєљтѣєєго іьлїїьго бєє баахоьчїѣ. Єііь хаьніьѣ дооь хаьніьтшакєєс хуііхдаасяаѣ єііь бінахћїьѣ ахідініьљнаьхго аьліьлєєкѣєхго кѣєь бєє ахіљ ніідлїь.

Standard Navajo version

Bílaʼashdlaʼii tʼáá ałtsoh yiníkʼehgo bidizhchįh dóó aheełtʼeego ílį́į́go bee baahóchįʼ. Eíí háníʼ dóó hánítshakees hwiihdaasyaʼ eíí binahjį́ʼ ahidiníłnáhgo álíleekʼehgo kʼé bee ahił niidlį́.

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