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Delason is the language of the fictional Mediterranean island of Salamon, the creation of Nizar Habash, a Palestinian computer science Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland College Park. The phonology of Delason is a mixture of Spanish and Modern Hebrew and its vocabulary is drawn from about 20 mainly Indo-European and Semitic languages.

The Delason alphabet is based mainly on Japanese kana and kanji and, in addition to the letters, includes a number of ideographic symbols. There are two main styles of writing: the traditional engraved style ponta marcini (top row below) and the modern style ponta navoni (second row below).

Delason alphabet

Delason alphabet


the vowels have two pronunciations, one which applies in stressed syllables (on the left) and the other which applies in unstressed syllables (on the right).

Delason ideograms

The Delason ideograms are used mainly for ornamental reasons. For example, the symbol for knowledge is displayed at the top of diplomas, and the symbol for health is displayed on get-well cards. These symbols are also used to mark public facilities on maps.

Delason alphabet

The font used on this page was created by Nizar Habash (


An introduction to the Delason language

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